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Sales Leads LatAm: Panasonic , G6 Hospitality, Spotify-Omnicom


A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Latin American market and/or targeting Latin American consumers right now.

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::: Panasonic System Communications- Latin3 ::: G6 Hospitality-Motel 6 -Studio 6- Latin America ::: Spotify-Omnicom ::: OLX-Buenos Aires  ::: FIAP-Mexico ::: Andy Awards – Wieden + Kennedy :::

Panasonic System Communications

eiERukd-_reasonably_smallLatin3 has become the Latin American agency of record for Panasonic System Communications Company of North America.The agency will handle Panasonic’s digital marketing, media planning and media buying for its Toughbook ® rugged mobile computers and Toughpad ® rugged tablets for the Latin American region.Read more.

  • G6 Hospitality

G6 Hodescarga (4)spitality, known in the US and Canada for its iconic brands, Motel 6 and Studio 6, has announced the expansion of its portfolio to include these two brands in Latin America. As part of the strategy  of the company to introduce these brands in the Latin American market, G6 Hospitality has announced an agreement with LatinaPromohoteles, a Promodesa organization’s division , headquartered in Mexico. Latina Promohoteles America is planning to open 55 properties of Hotel 6 / Studio 6 towards the end of 2020, which will be located in several cities in Mexico and will be built using “Phoenix” design elements , which are offered in the Motel 6 and Studio 6 properties in US and Canada.

  • Spotify

descarga (5)Omnicom Group media division in Mexico has announced a partnership with free online music platform Spotify. Spotify will bring Omnicom’s customers a new way to reach consumers (article in Spanish).


  • OLX

descarga (6)OLX, the global platform that offers online classified service, support and development , has opened new offices in Buenos Aires, from where it offers support, service and development globally. The building is located in the porteño neighborhood of Belgrano, where more than 250 professionals provide comprehensive global services to the entire company. Agustin Garicoche is OLX’s Country Manager in Argentina.

  • Andy Awards

descarga (8)Andy Awards organizers have launched a 365 campaign for social media developed by Wieden + Kennedy. In this campaign, three people with the most difficult professions in the world explain why they do not have what it takes to endure the demands that advertising creative faces. The campaign consists of three spots with the same message: “Donde solo los más valientes son recompensados” (“Where only the bravest are rewarded”) .These three pieces are called: Especialista en desactivación de municiones explosivas (EOD Specialist), Cirujano (Surgeon) y and Bombero (Firefighter.)

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