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Sales Leads LatAm: Diet Pepsi, Hershey, Nescafé…


A summary for Corporate Marketers, Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Latin American market and/or targeting Latin American consumers right now.

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 ::: Diet Pepsi ::: Hershey ::: Bud Light ::: Nescafé – agency Marcel ::: Magistral – Grey Argentina :::

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  • Diet Pepsi /global

CG8vjt6v_400x400PepsiCo is no longer adding aspartame to its Diet Pepsi in order to reverse poor sales. The brand will replace the much-maligned sweetener with sucralose, which will be combined with acesulfame potassium, or Ace-K.Diet Pepsi last changed its formula in 2013 when it blended Ace-K with aspartame, which had been in use since 1983, according to the trade publication.The change will be made to Diet Pepsi, Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi and Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi in the U.S. New Diet Pepsi cans will include language declaring the soda as “now aspartame free.” The product will begin hitting stores in August and the change will likely be accompanied with new marketing. All other major soda diet brands contain aspartame, including Diet Coke.

  • Hershey/global

twit_icon_400x400Hershey Co. is adding three new agencies to its roster after completing a creative review that began in January.The shops selected tor strategic projects are Anomaly, New York; Barkley, Kansas City; and Argonaut, San Francisco. Incumbents Arnold Worldwide and Havas Worldwide were not part of the review and will remain with the candy giant.Hershey declined to describe the specific brand assignments for its new agencies. Recent additions to the marketer’s brand portfolio include Hershey’s Caramels and earlier this year the company entered the meat snacks category with the acquisition of Krave Pure Foods, maker of Krave premium jerky.

  • Bud Light / Global

JRVKWEyr_reasonably_smallAnheuser-Busch InBev is facing negative publicity over a Bud Light marketing message scrolled on some bottles that some critics say can be interpreted as contributing to a rape culture.The message states that Bud Light is the “The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night.” The message is one of more than 140 different sayings printed on bottles as part of the brand’s “Up For Whatever” campaign, which is by BBDO, New York and is aimed at linking Bud Light with spontaneous fun.The brewer apologized for the message, but the damage was already done.

  • Nescafé / Mexico

descarga (4)Under the “It all starts with a Nescafe” concept and Manolo Techera creative direction, Mexican agency Marcel presents its new campaign for Nescafe. The effort includes three pieces: “College Survivor,” “Morning at the office” and “Rushour”.


  • Magistral/Argentina

descarga (5)Under Diego Medvedocky general creative direction, Grey Argentina presents Magistral new campaign. The pieces were produced by agency Rebolucion and directed by Javier Usandivaras. Under the concept that washing dishes can be therapeutic, the commercials Toquetón and Tatuaje suggest to meditate daily problems while washing the dishes.


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