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comScore released an analysis on online video activities in Brazil based on insights from its comScore Video Metrix service. The study found that Google Sites is the largest online video destination in Brazil, while Facebook is the fastest growing among the top ten. The study also showed that Brazil is the seventh largest online video market worldwide with a viewing audience of 43 million people in December.

“Online video is an important part of the internet landscape in Brazil, reaching a large number of people in an engaging context that is attractive to marketers and advertisers,” said Alejandro Fosk, comScore senior vice president for Latin America.

Brazil Among the Top 10 Largest Video Markets Worldwide

The analysis revealed that Brazil, with 43 million video viewers in December 2012, is one of the 10 largest video markets worldwide. Brazil, which ranked #7 overall, still has the opportunity for increased online video penetration with 82 percent of Brazilian internet users watching video in a month — slightly below the worldwide average of nearly 84 percent.

Top 10 Global Markets by Unique Video Viewers – December 2012

Total Audience: Visitors Age 15+, Home/Work Location*

Total Unique Viewers (000)
% Reach Web Population

*Does not include visits from public Access computers, such as Internet cafes, mobile phones or PDAs
Source: comScore Video Metrix

Facebook Gaining Space Among Online Video Main Players

Google Sites, driven primarily by video viewing at YouTube, ranked as the top online video content property in Brazil, with nearly 39 million unique viewers in December, followed by Vevo with 17.6 million viewers. Facebook ranked as the third largest video viewing destination with 17.5 million viewers, while Globo held the #4 position with 14.8 million viewers.

During the past few years, Facebook has been climbing in the Brazilian market to rank as the #1 Social Networking destination. This increased activity is also being reflected in online video consumption with Facebook experiencing an increase of more than 400 percent in the past year. Yahoo Sites has seen a similarly strong increase of 318 percent to 6.2 million viewers.

Top Brazil Online Video Content Properties Ranked by Unique Video Viewers – December 2012 vs. December 2011

Total Brazil – Viewers Age 15+, Home and Work Locations*


Dec 2011
Dec 2012
% Change

Google Sites42.06238.922-7%
Viacom Digital8.3668.4231%
Yahoo Sites1.4856.214318%
Terra – Telefonica1.7274.071136%
R7 Portal1.3573.692172%
*Does not include visits from public Access computers, such as Internet cafes, mobile phones or PDAs
Source: comScore Video Metrix

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