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Portada Quick Hits: JWT, National Geographic Kids, Polanco…


»J Walter Thompson just formed a new task force to develop new creativity and new global business through the agency`s network, Ad Latina reports that .Chief Executive of Loew Latina, Jean – Louis Roche, chief strategist Alex Pallete and global creative director Facundo Goldaracena will lead the new taskforce based in Madrid, Spain.

» National Geographic Kids launched in Spain, according to Fipp, report. National Geographic KidsNational Geographic Kids, Spain has also launched under licence to Panini Spain, with a circulation and print run of 100,000, and a cover price of €3.95. (aprox. $5.2). The publication recently also launched in Italy and France. launched in France, Italy and Spain.

» Spain’s Prisa’s (Madrid PRS) decision to sell more than 50% of its shares to U.S. investment group Liberty Acquisition Holdings, marks the end of the founding family’s (the Polanco’s) grip on the Spanish media giant, The Wall Street Journal reports. The EUR 660 million ($900 million) cash injection from Liberty Acquisition Holdings Corp. (LIA) will dilute the Polanco family's stake from around 70% to 30%. However, the Polanco family will still have a majority of the voting shares.

» Hispanic Magazine Advertising Forecasts:I would expect, though, that when ad spending does begin to recover, Hispanic magazines will fare better than their general-market counterparts. For one, Hispanic advertising in general should fare better overall, as the demographics are driving continued shifts in share to that segment,” Carlos Pelay of Media Economics tells Media Life Magazine. Pelay does not think that the Hispanic print market is immune to long term systemic decline in readership, “however a buffering force will be the absence of over-saturation in the Hispanic market, whereas the general market is arguably over-saturated with titles.”


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