Some stories the Latin Advertising and Media World is talking about this week…

», a very valuable domain name

The online travel (media) sector is very hot. A proof of it is the price the Spanish company Wiprojects paid to buy the domain name (Translated to English According to sources at Wiproject the domain name has been acquired after 13 months of negotiations for $10 million. Another domain name owned by Wiprojects is (Translated to English Wiprojects has a team of 47 employees who work from Barcelona, Uruguay and Chile, the Spanish newspaper Expansion reports.

» Iran launches new channel in Spanish: Hispan TV

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday officially launched Iran's foreign-language news channel, a 24-hour satellite broadcaster in Spanish for Hispanic audiences worldwide, reports PressTV. The Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) said “This channel is Iran's communication bridge with Latin American countries”.

» Obama and Latin America… a long-distance relationship?

In Obama´s latest speech “State of the Union”, the President of the United States took little notice of Latin America. He offered only a seven-word reflection on the U.S. relationship with the region about trade agreements with Panama and Colombia. World Magazine states: “within acres of political rhetoric, the president disregarded pressing matters such as the raging drug war in Mexico and the presence of Hezbollah in Latin America”.

» Optimism among CEOs for Latin America

Latin Business Chronicle presents a special report about the opinions of multinational CEOs in Latin America. The Latin Business Chronicle survey includes Nokia, Arcos Dorados and Diageo´s CEOs among others. The report concludes that “Despite the global slowdown, multinational CEOs are generally upbeat on Latin America’s business outlook this year”.


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