Mexico Exclusive: Editorial Premiere Closes and Sells Off its Magazines

Editorial Premiere will be ceasing its magazine publishing operations after 11 years. Recently, Editorial Premiere reached an agreement to sell its Cine Premiere and El Inversionista magazines, as well as the website, to Grupo de Comunicacion Impresiones Aereas (IASA).

Under this agreement, IASA takes over Cine Premiere, a monthly magazine that has been published for more than 16 years and covers topics such as DVDs, video games and TV series, and enhances its magazine portfolio, which also includes Alto Nivel, Entrepreneur, and Escala.  IASA also acquired El Inversionista, whose editorial focus during the last 14 years has been relevant personal finance stories.  The editorial staffs of Cine Premiere and El Inversionista (editors, photographers, designers, etc.) will be folded into IASA.

Deal Reached with Maspormas

Editorial Premiere also reached an agreement to cede the rights of its Supercar magazine to maspormas (, a free circulation newspaper in Mexico City. The agreement went into effect as of January 3rd of this year.  As part of the deal, maspormas also received publishing rights to several titles belonging to Haymarket Group PLC, of Britain: Stuff, F1 Racing and FourFourTwo (442), which have been published in Mexico for more than 2 years. 

Editorial Premiere has yet to name an Editor for Psychologies Mexico, published under license from Psychologies France, a subsidiary of Lagerdere Group (Hachette).  Editorial Premiere will publish the title until March 2011 and is currently looking for another publisher that matches the publication’s editorial style, since Psychologies is very strict in its design and requires that the editorial guidelines of the French edition be closely followed.  The company is seeking a high-end magazine publisher who is already publishing titles aimed at a distinctly female audience and at the ABC+ level.

Finally, Editorial Premiere still possesses the publishing rights for Eve and Max, which have been closed.  The publishing house is currently negotiating those rights with potential buyers.