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Hones focus on Hispanic/Latin American and Sports content.


Jump TV has just announced that it is going to refocusing its business model to concentrate on two core content streams: Latin American television programming and Sports programming.

CEO Jordan Banks commented that the company’s strategy will consist of delivering high-value sports programming to a passionate audience, while also offering a broad range of Spanish-language programming.

Banks also introduced an 8-point list of objectives to guide Jump TV in its path ahead: 

  1. Become laser-focused on acquiring top-tier content to attract sports fans and Hispanic audiences;

  2. Reduce costs related to acquiring and streaming all non-Latin American international content by creating  partnerships with complementary media companies;

  3. Explore the sale of the JumpTV content delivery network to maximize the value of the asset while minimizing the related ongoing operational cost to JumpTV;

  4. Continue to build its advertising sales team;

  5. Heighten focus on the JumpTV service layer to increase monetization of  NCAA and international sports properties;

  6. Increase engagement and interactivity for JumpTV users by immediately integrating a robust set of social media tools;

  7. Consolidate offices and reconstitute a new executive team in Toronto to realize operational efficiencies and related savings from previous M&A activities; and

  8. Continue to cull non-performing channels.

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