What? IBM will insvest US $1.2 billion to expand its global cloud footprint.
Why it matters? Cloud services are aimed to be delivered from 40 data centers worlwide in 15 countries and five continents globally.

IBM will invest over US $1.2 billion to expand its global cloud footprint. The investment is thought to include a network of cloud centers designed to bring clients flexibility, transparency and control over how they manage their data, run their business and organize their IT operations locally in the cloud.

IBM is planning to deliver  cloud services this year, from 40 data centers worldwide in 15 countries and five continents globally, including North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.  It will also open 15 new centers worldwide apart from the existing global footprint of 13 global data centers from SoftLayer and 12 from IBM.

The new data centers are aimed to be launched in cities such as China, Washington, D.C., Hong Kong, London, Japan, India, Canada, Mexico City and Dallas. With this, IBM longs to have data centers in all major geographies and financial centers so as to expand in the Middle East and Africa in 2015.

The global cloud market is estimated to grow to US$200 billion by 2020; driven mainly by businesses and government agencies arranging cloud services to market, sell, develop products, manage their supply chain and transform their business practices.

The new cloud investments will provide business clients the ability to place and control their data globally. IBM SoftLayer gives clients the chance to choose a cloud environment and location that best suits their business needs and provides visibility and transparency to where data reside, control of data security and placement.

IBM SoftLayer will deliver high performance services globally across the SoftLayer network. Local data centers in combination with global network allow  clients to place data where it is required, as well as to consolidate or aggregate data as needed. SoftLayer’s network also  allows clients to optimize global performance using a private network and not be subject to the uncontrolled nature of the public networks and the internet.

This type of automation and speed of access to data with great availability and control makes IBM SoftLayer cloud infrastructure an ideal capability for business clients worldwide.

” Today’s announcement is another major step in driving a global expansion of IBM’s cloud footprint and helping clients drive transformation,”  said Erich Clementi, senior vice president of IBM Global Technology Services.

“The investment IBM is making to expand their global footprint will not only help fuel our growth, but the growth of thousands of Cloudant users worldwide as well,” said Cloudant CEO Derek Schoettle.

“By investing in the cloud ecosystem, IBM not only makes it easier for enterprises to adopt cloud and drive innovation, but also helps new companies of all sizes get off the ground more quickly,” said Ann Winblad, co-founder and Managing Director of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners.

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