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IBM invests US $17 million in new Bogota, Colombia data center facility

Multinational technology corporation IBM has invested US $17 million in a new data center facility in Bogota, Colombia.


What: Multinational technology corporation IBM has invested US $17 million in a new data center facility in Bogota, Colombia.
Why is it important: Colombia is one of the fastest growing outsourcing datacenter services markets in Latin America, with estimated growth of 15.3% this year, and according to Fedesoft’s president, Paola Restrepo, the total IT software and related services sector in Colombia reached some 4.2tn pesos (US $2.34bn) last year. This hefty IBM investment reflects the country’s technological expected growth and reliability.

IBM recently announced it is investing $17 million in a new data center located in Bogota, Colombia. This new facility will provide Colombian companies with state-of-the-art cloud computing and big data services with which they will be able to meet the growing demands of local and international markets, focusing on industries including banking, insurance, healthcare, food and oil and gas. By means of these services, Bogota-based companies will have the ability to offer flexible, high quality, and personalized services to their customers.

This new data center facility will expand upon the $8 million investment IBM made in Colombia when it opened up its first data center, back in 2011.

According to Gustavo Mendez, IBM Latin America’s VP of strategic outsourcing, “data center and service center investments in the region have been a key priority for the company, as part of its efforts to boost infrastructure and service outsourcing business”. As a matter of fact, IBM has invested heavily in data centers in Latin America since 2009  (it has already opened nine IT service centers across the region) and earlier this year it also opened new data centers in Lima (Peru) and Santiago (Chile).

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