Headway introduces Latam trading desk and claims that not all media can be purchased through programmatic buying

Headway Digital, a digital media trading desk, just introduced a Buenos Aires, Argentina, based trading desk targeting Latin America. Portada talked to Martin Kogan, co-founder and co-CEO at Headway Digital.

“More than half of all new internet users come from emerging markets. They represent the highest growth in internet usage and social media, yet content and advertising frequently isn’t even in the local language, and media plans overlook top local properties because of a lack of real market understanding,” says Kogan.

How does Headway Digital help U.S. based brands reach Latin America’s consumers?

Martin Kogan, co-Founder and co-CEO – Headway Digital: U.S. brands will be able to utilize our unique combination of DSP + DMP. These platforms receive real-time Latin American data that comes from www.dataxpand.com, which is owned and operated by us. Our trading desk buys media from our DSP, as well as outside sources. We have been specializing in Latam media buying since our inception, and our seasoned media buying team knows the secrets of programmatic buying for the Latin American audiences.

Where is the trading desk for Latam going to be?

Headway: The Headway Digital Latin American trading desk is in Argentina. Their Latam team is highly experienced in their market, they know the ins and outs of the region – culturally, technologically and regulatory.