Chile’s DTT business, likely to be open to foreign investors

What: Chile’s final DTT law will likely accept foreign participation.
Why is it important: Foreign investments in Chilean DTT will improve the quality and diversity of digital TV, by means of enhancing competition.

Recently, Chile has been trying to speed up its DTT law, one of the most delayed in the region, the draft of which is expected to be finished within a two-week period. According to Rapid TV News site, after an intense debate, the document is finally proposing a limit of one DTT licence per financial group and cancelling the so-called reciprocity principle, which initially controlled foreign participation in Chile’s TV market.

This means that, if the draft doesn’t undergo any further changes, the DTT business in Chile will be completely open to foreign telecommunications companies.

Regarding licence-sharing, Jorge Atton, Telecom vice secretary, said that “only one frequency will be available per financial group, except TVN [the public channel], which can have a second one in order to broadcast its regional signals.”