Changing Places LatAm: Henrique de Castro, Rafael Jimenez, Carlos Carbajal…

People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

Henrique de Castro – Yahoo! ::: Aaron Sutton – África Entretenimiento ::: Rafael Jiménez – Seenapse ::: Carlos Carbajal – Arrechadera Claverol ::: Enrique Navarrete Arrieta – McAfee

Yahoo’s Chief Operating Officer Henrique De Castro is departing the company, according to a regulatory filing. De Castro joined Yahoo from Google in 2012. A report in Adweek last fall suggested that De Castro was under increasing pressure from Mayer to deliver better ad numbers.

Aaron Sutton has been named General Creative Director of África Entretenimiento. The executive will be in charge of all the creative content produced. The agency said the already have 150 new works for this year. Previously, Sutton has worked for MPM, Giovanni FCB, DM9DDB y , Lew’LaraTBWA.

Rafael Jiménez is leaving Havas Worldwide Mexico to found Seenapse, a creative digital tool. Havas will be one of the partners of the new project.

Carlos Carbajal is now working for the creative department of  Arrechadera Claverol. The executive has been working as Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather Mexico.

McAfee has named Enrique Navarrete Arrieta as Director of the IT and Communication Channels Department in Mexico.