BREAKING NEWS: GDA Introduces GDA Digital

Grupo Diarios America (GDA) is introducing GDA Digital, a new digital product using open ad-stream technology for which it is partnering with Real Media Latin America.

GDA Digital is geared toward advertisers interested in “run of network” campaigns in four or more Latin American countries. GDA Digital is also targeted to advertisers interested in reaching the U.S. Hispanic market. While a Latin American buy in GDA Digital has to have a minimum of four countries, advertisers can buy the U.S. Hispanic market independently. U.S. Hispanics frequently visit Latin American newspaper websites of GDA members. This audience is then geotargeted by advertisers interested in reaching the U.S. Hispanic population. According to Conterno, approximately 2.0 million unique visitors to GDA websites come from the U.S. Hispanic market. Interestingly, 65% of the GDA U.S. Hispanic audience has lived in the U.S. between one and three years making them “Fresh Hispanics”.

Through the Open Ad-Stream technology provided by Real Media, which has the ability of delivering ads to multiple platforms, all remnant inventory on GDA websites can now be sold in an integrated way.

Raul Galofre will be acting as the new brand manager of GDA Digital in Miami. Galofre previously worked at Casa Editorial de El Tiempo in Colombia as digital manager. Galofre will be in charge of selling online advertising panregionally out of Miami. In addition, he will provide support to Publicitas, the GDA’s representative in Miami for many panregional accounts, and to other placement firms in South Florida, Europe and Latin America. Real Media will also support GDA Digital through its sales force in New York City.

Each GDA member is a major print and online publisher in one of eleven different Latin American countries. GDA members approximately 70 websites include the 11 main websites of its flagship newspapers, websites of popular free or low-priced sister newspapers and online classified sites, including automotive, real estate, as well as vertical sites in categories including finance, entertainment, and home décor. The combined reach of the GDA’s online presence is 40 million unique users (1 billion page views), according to Certifica figures. GDA websites sites are going to be certified by ComScore in August.

“After Google, Hotmail and, GDA sites are the fourth largest audience in Latin America, however, in terms of engagement and the credibility of our online platforms we are second to none”, Guido Conterno executive director of GDA, tells Portada.

Portada’s take on this move by a major Latin American publisher such as the GDA, is that the GDA Digital is GDA’s response to Latin online ad networks selling “blind” inventory to advertisers in a process that often lacks transparency. With this new “Run of Network” product, GDA is gaining total control over the commercialization of its remnant inventory and centralizing its digital media sales operation.

Typically there are three types of online advertising.

a) Custom. Specific campaigns in specific parts of one website, tailor made products like Take overs etc…)

b) Run of Channel: Advertising segmented on specific categories (e.g. Automotive, Entertainment) in at least 4 GDA countries

c) Run of Network: Wider definition, remnant advertising in all GDA sites. Campaign needs to run in at least 4 Latin American countries.

GDA Digital started to operate last June 10 and is already running online campaigns.