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Portada expects Latin American Panregional Advertising to grow from an aggregate volume of $340 million in 2011 to $466 million in 2016 at an annual compounded growth rate (CAGR) of 6.4%.


US $ Mill275.44307.75


Growth y/y1.52%11.73%10.71%4.35%5.59%6.39%7.40%8.64%


According to the just published 2013 Panregional Advertising and Media Report, main growth drivers will be the establishment of digital media (including mobile, online video and social media) as a major panregional advertising media type, as well as the overall growth of Latin American advertising. Regarding the different ad-categories, growth will be propelled by above average growth of the IT-Electronics, Tourism and Luxury Goods and Services Categories.
The 20+ pages report is the main source of research about the Panregional Advertising and Media Market. Detaile analysis and data includes:

    • Development of the geographical locations (decision making points) for panregional media buying
    • Impact of the Regulatory and Tax Framework on Panregional Media Buying
    • 2012-2016 Growth Forecast for different Ad-Categories and in-depth analysis
    • 2012-2016 Growth Forecast for different Media Types an in-depth analysis
    • Digital Media: Explanation of the Growth of different Digital Media Types (including Online Video, Mobile)
    • … and much more.

Purchase the report independently or as a part of your Portada Premium Content Subscription Options (There is a special 25% discount until January 31) Choose your preferred Subscription Option and learn about the different benefits. Once you have chosen your preferred option,e-mail our Online Sales Manager Nicolas Miranda or call him at -1-800-397-5322. Nicolas will provide a landing page and the Discount Coupon Code so that you can benefit from the 25% Discount.


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