PARTNER MESSAGE: 5.35 Billion Mobile Rich Media Impressions Were Wasted in Q1 2015 – Sizmek’s 2015 Mobile Index Report

It is no surprise to anyone that opportunities for mobile advertising continue to grow. Sixty percent of the global population is expected to use the internet via a mobile phone in 2015, totaling nearly 2 billion users. What is surprising is that despite these numbers, many advertisers remain technologically unprepared for mobile advertising inventory.

SizmekIn Sizmek’s Mobile Index 2015, we deep-dive into the world of mobile defaults – ads that serve static images in the place of rich media when the Flash-based ad format isn’t supported.

In Q1 of 2015, 5.35 billion rich media ads failed to serve correctly to mobile devices. 36% of advertisers had above-average rates of default, including 12% of advertisers that never successfully served a rich media ad to a mobile device in the entire quarter. The report compares defaulting Flash creatives with HTML5 rich media ads that are supported on mobile devices and illustrates how much potential engagement is lost when an ad fails over to its static default.

The Sizmek Mobile Index also explores the global mobile market. We examine the growth in inventory, the changing brand landscape, and the performance of mobile ads when compared to their desktop/laptop counterparts.
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