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What’s New? MundoNow Podcast to be Sold and Distributed by iHeartMedia

News: MundoNow-iHeartMedia, Adsmovil, SimilarWeb... partnerships, acquisitions, and what's behind them.


MundoNow’s Oyenos Audio Network to be Distributed by iHeartPodcasts 

The Partners: Mundo Hispano (MundoNow) and iHeartPodcasts (iHeartMedia).

The News: Mundo Hispano Digital, the parent company of, a certified minority Latino media platform,  announced a partnership with iHeartMedia. The new collaboration will include MundoNow’s audio network Oyénos’ slate of podcasts being distributed widely by iHeartPodcasts. Beginning today, 20 Oyénos shows will be available via iHeartPodcasts, with another 10 joining by June.iHeart media will have advertising sales exclusivity in the future, a spokesperson for MundoNow tells Portada. Oyénos showcases the multifaceted experiences of Latinos in the USA, enriching the podcasting landscape with diverse narratives. It features an array of genres, from True Crime and Paranormal to Astrology, News, Current Events, and In-Culture shows.

What’s behind it? This new partnership allows MundoNow’s Oyénos to leverage iHeartMedia’s substantial reach, extensive sales network, and marketing assets. At the same time, iHeartMedia gains valuable podcast content targeted to the growing and desirable LatinX audience.


Adsmovil Acquires Stake in Nuestra Vision

Acquirer and Acquisition Object:  Adsmovil, a minority-owned digital-first Hispanic media company, announced a strategic alliance with Nuestra Vision, a 24/7 Spanish-language TV network offering family-friendly premium programming for Mexicans, Mexican Americans, and Hispanics living in the U.S. Adsmovil, is acquiring a stake in Nuestra Vision. Sources at Adsmovil did not want to disclose the percentage equity bought and the value of the transaction.

The News: The partnership consists of Adsmovil selling Nuestra Vision content (broadcast and cable), allowing Adsmovil to expand its media portfolio and authentically engage a significant portion of the market, the Spanish-dominant Hispanic of Mexican origin.

What’s behind it: “As an adjunct to our streaming platform, Nuestra.TV, Nuestra Vision allows us to reach those households that haven’t cut the cord yet and are interested in consuming in-language, authentic content. This 35+ Hispanic market is critical for the advertising community,”  a spokesperson at Adsmovil tells Portada. “Down the road, the plan is to mirror Nuestra Vision’s broadcast programming on our AVOD, Nuestra.TV, via a FAST channel.”

“Down the road, the plan is to mirror Nuestra Vision’s broadcast programming on our AVOD, Nuestra.TV, via a FAST channel.”

SimilarWeb’s Acquisition of Admetricks

Acquirer and Acquisition Object:  Research and data company Similarweb announced the acquisition of Admetricks, a company founded in Santiago de Chile in 2012  and known for empowering brands to advertise more effectively in Latin America.

What’s behind it: “Similarweb has 40 times more people and 100 times more sales, but at the same time, it is a startup founded five years before us. We are very similar in our work culture, but they challenged themself more and managed to grow faster. Regarding strategy and finance, it made more sense for both companies to build things together rather than separately. Similarweb gains 11 years of experience in display advertising intelligence and a presence in Latin America,” says Adsmetrick’s CEO, Felipe del Sol. (Check out our interview with Felipe del Sol).


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