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Over Half of U.S. Hispanic Adults Get their News Primarily in English

Key insights: Pew Research Center shows 54% of U.S. Hispanics prefer English news, 21% prefer Spanish, and 90% use digital devices for news consumption, highlighting language and digital trends in Hispanic news.


A new Pew Research Center survey, authored by Sarah Naseer, Christopher St. Aubin, and Michael Lipka, indicates that 54% of U.S. Hispanic adults primarily receive news in English, while 21% receive news in Spanish. Additionally, 23% of Hispanic Americans consume news in both languages. The survey reveals differences between U.S.-born Hispanic/Latino adults and those who immigrated from other countries, with the former overwhelmingly preferring news in English and the latter group receiving news in Spanish. An additional important finding is that 90% of Hispanics/Latinos in the U.S. consume news via digital devices.

Hispanic News Consumption Habits

Forty-one percent of Latinos born outside the United States receive news primarily in Spanish, while 26% receive it primarily in English and 31% receive it in both languages about equally.
47% of Latino immigrants prefer to receive news in Spanish, while 22% prefer English and 31% express no preference.
Latino immigrants who have spent more years in the United States are less likely to receive news in Spanish (approximately 41%) and more likely to receive news in English (approximately 33%).

Hispanic News Consumption Devices

90% of Latino adults prefer digital devices to receive news.
87% of Latinos receive news via digital devices at least some of the time, and 65% prefer this form of news over television, radio or print.
55% of Latinos prefer to receive news via digital devices, compared to 50% of white Americans and 50% of black Americans.
22% of Latino adults follow the news all or most of the time, and 36% follow it some of the time.
50% of U.S. Hispanic adults receive news from Hispanic media at least some of the time, and 54% receive news about their or their family’s country of origin.
69% of Latino immigrants get their news from Hispanic media, compared to 33% of U.S.-born Latinos.
Differences in preferences for receiving news from Hispanic and country-of-origin media are more pronounced among U.S.-born Latinos by their parents’ generation.

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