What: We looked at the results of the e-commerce marketing strategy of the top 15 online retail sites visited by shoppers in the U.S. in February of 2019 and how the sites scored in numbers of visitors.
Why it matters: Amazon’s relentless e-commerce marketing strategy and its increase of visits to its retail website continued in the second month of this year, topping 23-percent of all visits to the top 15 retail sites in the U.S.—nearly double that of its closest e-commerce rival Walmart at 12.2-percent of visits.

Number of visitors to the Top 15 e-commerce sites in the U.S., February 2019
Total Audience, Home and Work, PC/Laptop869,590
SiteTotal Unique Visitors*
Amazon Sites204146
Apple.com Worldwide Sites61629
Target Corporation50061
Samsung Group46969
The Home Depot, Inc.34677
Kohl’s Corporation30904
Best Buy Sites30268
Macy’s Inc.26913

Source: Comscore
*Numbers reported as shown

Amazon Expansion Continues

Amazon continued to expand its online e-commerce dominance in the U.S. in February, gaining more than 2-percentage points compared to January, to reach 23.4-percent of all visits to the top 15 retail sites in the U.S. as measured by Comscore. The behemoth internet retailer expanded its online market share at the same time that brick-and-mortar retailers have closed 4,800 stores this year alone, according to the Financial Times. Analyst Deborah Weinswig told the newspaper she expects approximately 12,000 retail stores to be shuttered in the U.S. this year.

Brick-and-mortar retailer Best Buy saw its share of visits to the top 15 retail site in the U.S. slip from 4-percent in January to 3.4-percent in February. Macy’s, too, lost ground going from 4.3-percent in January to just 3-percent in February. Walmart continues to be the most successful brick-and-mortar retailer online, holding at second place in February with 12.2-percent of all visits to the top 15 ranked retail sites in the U.S.—but still well behind Amazon in online visits.

Best Buy, Home Depot slip

  • Best Buy slipped from 11th to 13th place from January to February in Comscore ranking.
  • The Home Depot, too, lost ground, going from 9th place in January to 10th place in February.
  • Apple held steady in 4th place with 7 percent of all site visits in February.
  • eBay, too, held its ground in third place with 11.1-percent of all visits, matching its share in January.
  • Macy’s saw a decline in its site visits from 4.3-percent of all visits in January to 3-percent in February.
  • The top eight most-visited sites in the Comscore ranking held their positions from January to February, with Target ranking 5th.
  • Retailer Kohl’s continued to see a downward trend in its share of visits to the top 15 sites, from 5.5-percent in December to 3.8-percent in January to 5-percent in February.

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