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What: Juan Carlos Sosa has been appointed as Executive Vice President of Operations of Venevision Studios.
Why it matters: He will be in charge mostly of United states and Venezuela’s Cisneros’ Media companies.

bbCisneros Media, the corporate division that encompasses the Cisneros’ media and entertainment businesses, announced the appointment of Juan Carlos Sosa as Executive Vice President of Operations of Venevision Studios, which incorporates all of the company’s production units. Sosa will report directly to Cisneros Media President Jonathan Blum.

Among his responsibilities, Juan Carlos will administrate the state-of-the-art production studios, located in Medley, Florida, and supervise all production operations to optimize the utilization of its resources. In addition, he will spearhead the standardization of the production process by Cisneros’ Media companies in United States and Venezuela. Along with Blum, He will also manage the relationships with broadcasters and networks .

“Juan Carlos has a proven track record and has excelled in all the positions he has held at Cisneros; I’m confident he will be mayor force in improving productivity and efficiency at the studios,” assured Jonathan Blum, President of Cisneros Media.

Juan Carlos worked at Venevision Studios alongside Peter Tinoco, its former President and CEO, taking over the operations of the studios and productions companies upon Tinoco’s retirement, which was announced on November 5th.

Juan Carlos Sosa joined the Cisneros in April of 1994, distinguishing himself in such positions as Marketing and Sales Manager, General Manager, and ultimately Director of Telecommunications.

In 2010, he was transferred to the Cisneros’ corporate offices in Miami as Director of Marketing & Communications of Venevision International. He was then promoted to Vice President of Marketing & Business Development of Cisneros. In that position, Sosa made valuable contributions to various projects and began to get involved with the company’s content and production operations.

He earned his BS in Business Administration from the Universidad Santa María in Caracas, Venezuela. He also has a Marketing Specialization, and completed the IESA business school’s Advanced Management Program (PAG). In September of 2012, he participated in Harvard Business School’s Program of Effective Strategies for Media Companies.


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