Your Health Now Magazine Launches Spanish-language Edition

Merck pharmaceuticals' bi-monthly consumer health publication is now being published in Spanish as an online edition. The edition is published at and in a PDF issue called Tu Salud Ahora. They are considering a print edition for 2006-2007.

As spokesperson Maggie Kohn stated, “The U.S. Hispanic community is so large that this publication is important to Merck's commitment to providing unbiased health information to all who seek it, including Spanish-speakers.”

The magazine includes information from The Merck Manuals, although it insists that it maintains “strict editorial independence” from the drug company that subsidizes it, and other products. As such, it does not include any advertising, other than for some non-profit organizations offering information on healthcare access.

Offering information on common ailments such as gastrointestinal disorders, and cardiovascular disease, the publication is available to consumers free of charge at

Jane Delgado, Ph.D., is President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Association for Hispanic Health and a member of the magazine's advisory board; she emphasizes that with more than 31 million Spanish-speakers in the U.S., the publication will have considerable appeal to those seeking health advice and information in Spanish.

In addition to coverage of common ailments, the magazine also offers guidance on how to access needed prescriptions/healthcare for those without health insurance and drug reimbursement coverage.