Al Día(Dallas, Belo Corp., daily), Diario La Estrella (Forth Worth, Knight Ridder, daily), El Nuevo Mundo (San Jose, Knight Ridder, weekly), El Nuevo Hudson (Hudson County, NJ, Newhouse Newspapers, weekly), and Reflejos (Chicago, Paddock Publications, weekly, bilingual) recently joined the Hispanic Newspaper Alliance of America (HNAA). Advertising space in HNAA newspapers is sold through Metrosuburbia, a national newspaper ad-sales firm (see “HNAA strikes deal with Metrosuburbia,” page 1, Portadatm No. 8, March/April 2004). Robert Schoenbacher, president of Metrosuburbia, tells Portadatm that they are currently negotiating with other newspapers, with the hopes of adding them to the network. This is no easy process. Terms of membership revolve around frequency of publication, available research on the publication, quality of the circulation auditing firm, and readers per copy, among others. Metrosuburbia is about to close its first advertising sale for HNAA. The deal involves Car Dealer Associations.

One major incentive for advertisers considering Hispanic print is the higher “pass along” rate of most Hispanic papers. According to Schoenbacher, “many of these publications have a ‘pass-along' factor of over 4 people. Most general market pubs have a factor of just over 2.”


Portada Staff

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