Soft Drinks Get a Big Boost in ‘07

The soda wars continue—and it’s all good news for Hispanic print. 2007 was a year of strong growth in the soft drink category. Overall spending increased from about 665,000 in ’06 to 1,055,000 in ’07, an increase of almost 60%.

Of course, the biggest players were Coke and Pepsi. Magazines were the preferred venue for the increased advertising, with Vista grabbing the lion’s share of spending, TV y Novelas EEUU trailing close behind, and Vanidades (US edition) a close third. Interesting to note is that the top three spots were all different from the previous year.

Top Three Print Venues for Soft Drink Advertising










El Nuevo Dia




El Nuevo Herald

TV y Novelas



Mundo LA



As good a year as 2007 was, 2008 looks to be even better: The 2008 Olympics will undoubtedly have a positive effect, as will the FIFA World Cup, both events having drawn substantial soft drink investment in the past.

For absolute dollar levels as well as 2007 FSI activity, year-over-year growth comparisons and Q1 2007 data, call Marcos Baer at (212) 685-4441 or e-mail [email protected].