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Linda Watson, publisher of Northwest Parent Media and Padres de Hoy, tells Portada the details of her partnership with Sea Latino


In a move to go after Seattle's Puget Sound Latino community, Northwest Parent Media is launching a new monthly parenting magazine entitled Padres de Hoy. The first issue, the December issue, of the new publication will come out during the last week of November and will have 32 pages. “The publication will have a circulation of 30,000 and be completely written in Spanish,” says Linda Watson, publisher and owner of Northwest Parent Media. The publication's website is at

Northwest Parent Media will work closely with Sea Latino (circ. 20,000, weekly, Spanish). Sea Latino's editor Veronica Estrada Mier will be the editor of the new publication. 15,000 issues of Padres de Hoy will be distributed as an insert in Sea Latino. The other 15,000 will be distributed by Northwest Parent Media in distribution points in community centers and schools.

In addition, Sea Latino will also be selling advertising for the new publication, together with Northwest Parent Media, as well as designing it out of its Colombia offices.

The magazine is modeled after Northwest Parent Media's two general market parenting publications, Seattle's Child, launched as the first free parenting publication in 1979, and Puget Sound Parent.

According to Watson 80% of the articles will be translated and adapted from Northwest Parents English parenting titles. The remaining 20% will be about topics related to Hispanic families and their experience in the Seattle region.

Demand for Parenting Information
“The goal is to make parenting information accessible to Hispanic parents,” says Watson. “There is a great need by families to get how-to information and there are also many resources; however there has not been a good way to communicate this information.”

The magazine also hopes to capture additional advertising revenues targeting what they estimate to be a $1.67 billion Latino market in the Seattle-Tacoma area. The Puget Sound area is home to over 400,000 Hispanics, according to the publishers. “We typically count on 90% local and 10% national advertising, and initially Padres de Hoy will have that split, but we are planning to grow national. I think there is a way to bring national products to local Hispanic families.”

Northwest Parent Media, publishes Seattle-‘s Child (monthly, circ. 70,000, Seattle area), Puget Sound Parent (monthly) and 5 other publications (mostly annuals) related to summer camps, education and teaching.

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