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A Q&A with Sami Haiman-Marrero, NYP Tempo Advertising Manager.

Q: What motivated you to move to glossy paper?
A: ”It's our 2nd Anniversary in October, and NYP Tempowants to celebrate itin a big way with our advertisers and our readers. Going glossy for this special issue also gives us an opportunity to assess newgrowth options, and we are indeed receiving a wonderful response.”

Q: When will the glossy issue be published?
A: "NYP Tempo's 2nd Anniversary special Magazine issue will drop October 12, 2005, and at the moment it's the only issue we will publish as a magazine on glossy stock until further notice.”

Q: How much are your printing costs increasing as a result of your change to glossy paper?
A: "Without a doubt, the printing costs have increased dramatically, but thanks to the warm response we have received from the advertising community,NYP Tempo's first ever glossy magazine will be a home-run for us."

Q: What type of advertiser is particularly interested in advertising in glossy paper? Have you gained any advertisers as a result of the paper change?
A: "Majordepartment stores have shown their support for the first time.I think that if we eventually publish NYP TEMPO every month on glossy paper we will also attract more advertisers in the fashion, packaged goods, pharmaceuticaland beauty categories that tend to favor magazines more than newsprint."


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