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What new products will be hatched in the Hispanic marketplace this year?


In anticipation of the coming year, we asked the following print properties what new editorial products they have in store for 2007. Here's what they said:

Mario Dueñas, Publisher, Semana News (Weekly, Spanish, 125,000)

In 2007 we anticipate the introduction of expanded editorial products in the automotive and entertainment areas in print; as for online, we'll be re-designing our website,, and we'll be introducing expanded editorial on family-related issues, entertainment, and sports.

Loida Ruiz, National Sales Manager, La Voz (100,000, Spanish, Weekly) and La Vibra (225,000, Spanish, Weekly)

The Houston Chronicle has really strengthened their coverage of Hispanic in the past few years. We have a business reporter, Jenalia Moreno, who covers Hispanic business specifically and was working from Mexico City for two years. We have also started to run stories in La Voz that ran in the Chronicle and vise versa. Stories that have run in Spanish originally have also run in English, showing that they have built on each other's strength.

Myrna Cortez, Sales and Marketing Director, Conexion (50,000, Bilingual, Weekly), and Cancha (25,000, 2xweekly, Spanish)

We have no plans to expand editorial coverage right now, as we feel that we are just where we want to be, having launched Conexion in 2004 to address the more acculturated market, and following with Cancha to address the first-generation market.

John Brown, Sales Director, El Diario de El Paso (20,000, Spanish, Daily)

We are launching an English-language Border Observer tabloid this weekend, aimed at the 18-34 non-newspaper readers. It will be printed on high-bright paper, and very colorful. This will be a lifestyle and entertainmentnewspaper distributed free every Friday in bars, restaurants and in more than 300 single copy boxes throughout El Paso.

One of the sections “Hanging Out” will be an entertainment guide and will include calendar listings, celebrity interviews, movie reviews and concert reviews. Another section, “Ego,” will contain hundreds of photosof local events, such as nightclub scenes, quinceaneras, weddings and social events. “Ego” will keep its readers interested and “in the know.”

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