New Campaign: Jell-O Goes Hispanic

The iconic American snack food Jell-O is trying to wiggle its way into the hearts of Latinos with a new ad campaign. The campaign includes both TV and Print components. The intended target is a Hispanic mom, primarily of Mexican origin, who prefers to speak, read and watch TV in Spanish and has lived in the U.S. for some years.

The Hispanic campaign, even though it reflects the general market "Wiggle" campaign, has its Hispanic flare and focuses on the attributes that are more important to the Hispanic consumer (fruit flavors). 

These ads are scheduled to run in People en Español, Ser Padres, Siempre Mujer, Cosmopolitan en Español, Vanidades, Healthy Kids en Español, Linda and in Kraft's publication Comida y Familia.


The campaign was launched in June and is scheduled to continue for 14 weeks.

Chicago-based Bravo Group produced the creative for both the television and print ads. “We don’t have any plans to extend into the digital space just yet, but we’re always looking for new ways to reach our customers,” said Lisa Gibbons, a spokesperson for Kraft, in an interview with Portada.