MST Latino & Doyle Research Associates Form Strategic Alliance

“Innovation doesn’t typically have a rulebook from the past,” says MST President Jerry Campagna, former publisher of Chicago weekly Reflejos, explaining what prompted his consulting firm to partner with Doyle Research, a company specializing in qualitative research. “I was very interested in the type of work that they were doing, and how that work could be applied in the campaign implementation process. It’s a very natural extension of what we at MST Latino have termed the ‘Marketment’ process, which essentially melds the marketing of a product with the people marketing it and the product itself in an organic fashion.”

Campagna says that as he is working with particular clients, he will call on Doyle to conduct their qualitative research either before or during the pilot phase of the campaign, to gauge participant response to certain aspects of the campaign before implementing it on a broader scale.

He points to a recent campaign that MST Latino did with a local government health agency. The agency was interested in educating the Latino community about particular health concerns stemming from their use of traditional clay cookware, which had been shown to present the threat of lead poisoning. In working with the health agency, he invited them to a Mexican fiesta where they had a display of the hazardous pots. They asked attendees whether they used such pots, if they knew of the potential hazards, and other quantitative questions.

“If I were to have been working with Doyle, the process would have been more involved, as qualitative answers go beyond the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ realm. We probably would have asked things like, ‘Why do you use this type of cookware’ and ‘What would it take for you to consider using stainless steel?’ etc.”

Campagna says that, going forward, the two companies will continue to work with clients as they have done in the past, calling on one another as their projects require.

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