La Vibra Launches Nationally

Impremedia has announced that its weekend entertainment magazine, La Vibra, is going national in the nations top six Hispanic markets. The magazine will appear every week in the following Impremedia publications on the following days:

La Opinión / Los Angeles – Thursday

El Diario La Prensa / New York – Thursday

La Prensa / Orlando – Thursday

La Prensa / Tampa – Thursday

La Raza / Chicago – Friday

El Mensajero / San Francisco Bay Area – Sunday

While La Vibra has appeared every Thursday in California's La Opinion for the past six years, this is the first time that they have published the entertainment magazine on a national level. The launch is also being accompanied by a new website devoted to the publication. The site will include interviews with celebrities, video and photo galleries, and other content from Impremedia properties.

The papers will have a combined distribution of around 530,000 copies. The first issue will feature ads by Heineken, the new movie Babel, and Moneygram, which ahs purchased the back cover.

“The content will be a mix of local and nationally-relevant material, with local club listings and events,” according to advertising and marketing manager Soizic Sacrez.

La Vibra is also published in the Houston market by The Houston Chronicle (Hearst), which weekly distributes 100,000 of the entertainment publication. Impremedia licenses part of La Vibra Houston's content to The Houston Chronicle.