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With Bilingual staff and integrated messaging.


Key Bank has decided to step up its Hispanic outreach efforts by integrating its Hispanic messaging with its English-language copy. “What we did was we helped them coordinate their Hispanic messaging with their general market messaging in a culturally relevant and compelling way,” says Laura Sonderup, director of Colorado-based Heinrich Hispanidad.

Key Bank also added more bilingual staff to its customer support and sales force. “To their credit, they realized that they could better serve their Hispanic customers by adding more bilingual staff, so they took the lead and made the new hires,” says Sonderup.

The company looked to its Colorado offices for guidance in these efforts, owing to the higher bilingual composition of its work force there.

In terms of advertising, “the bank has made a significant commitment to Latino Suave magazine with an annual buy consisting of a full-page ad and a full-page financial advice column” says Sonderup. “Because the magazine is in the "flip" format with Spanish and English featured, the bank alternated languages with each issue, i.e., Spanish one insertion, English the next.”

KeyBank also partnered with Sendit Resources to offer money transfer service to 72 countries including Mexico and South America, a move with obvious appeal to Hispanics looking to send money home.

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