Portada recently talked to Meredith´s Hispanic Ventures Enedina Vega on its soon to be relaunched SiempreMujer.com site and the strong rebound in advertising at Siempre Mujer magazine. Both the print and online vehicles provide original content that is relevant to the needs of today's U.S. Hispanic females.  

Meredith Hispanic ventures has been working for some time on the relaunch of SiempreMujer.com: “SiempreMujer.com will launch with a new look, improved navigability and more content.  Our strategy is to provide our audience with more of Siempre Mujer beyond what we offer in the pages of the magazine.  We are also providing more interactivity.”

Vega notes that “all of our editors and contributing editors will be posting content and we do have a web editor. Since we only publish 6 print issues a year we have content that doesn't make it into the magazine.  We also have behind the scenes video of our shoots and interviews that will only appear on line.” Meredith Hispanic Ventures is also going to acquire third party content to feed the site. “We have not finalized any content deals so I'm not at liberty to disclose. In any case I want to emphasize that that is not the bulk of our content”, Vega adds.   

How many updates? An interesting question is how many updates a site should have in order to maximize its traffic. “Our content is original and culturally relevant to the needs of today's U.S. Hispanic females. That said, there is a different level of content volume needed for a 24/7 website vs. a bimonthly magazine, so we have expanded sources for content so that when you visit our site you will find new and interesting content to engage with every time. According to Vega, “updates should be daily to keep the viewer interested and the amount depends on the site and varies by channel.”

Regarding unique users statistics for Siempre Mujer, Vega notes that the “site is in launch mode and will execute traffic building strategies  

Largest Page Count Ever

Siempre Mujer, the magazine, recently had its largest ad page count ever. The mix of advertisers that helped the magazine achieve this is broad, according to Vega.  “Fortunately it’s a broad mix:  but the largest category is CPG, with beauty, food/beverage categories leading the charge, as well as automotive.”  

Siempre Mujer has sections "Gran Estreno" "Para Mi", "Me lo merezco", "Pasaporte a la belleza" that are editorial features: The goal of the editors is to provide our readers with information on the latest products available, and products that provide solutions for our market.  

The Role of Social Networks for Advertisers

We provide advertisers with integrated platforms that include access to our reader panel, development of CRM or direct mail programs, video creation and distribution, micro-site development, mobile applications.  In addition we have our own websites, Facebook pages and twitter where our readers interact with our editors and our content,” Vega concludes.


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