Independent Publishers Representatives to Sell Advertising for Kraft’s Food and Family

Santa Barbara, CA-based Independent Publishers Representatives (IPR) recently gained exclusive ad sales representation for Food and Family, a custom publication published by Kraft with a circulation of 9,000,000 and a frequency of five times a year. According to the agreement between IPR and Kraft, IPR is going to sell the Fall 2007 issue of the publication. The agreement may then be extended to the Holiday 2007 issue and to 2008.

“This is a natural extension of what we have been doing,” says William Vasquez, national sales manager for Independent Publishers Representatives. Food and Family is opening up to third party advertising. According to William Vasquez, Food and Family is an ideal venue for Fortune 500 advertisers. Comida y Familia has P&G, AOL Latino, Maggi (Nestle), Astra Zeneca, WalMart, Johnson (LactAid, Splenda) as advertisers.

Both Comida y Familia (1,000,0000 each issue, 5X),  and Food and Family’s distribution is free to subscribers who write a written request that they want to receive the publication.