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What are some of the new ways that Bodas is reaching out to the market?

Next week we will debut our "Podcast de Bodas USA La Revista" tu radio para planificar tu boda,  we have more than 30 interviews line-up for the next coming 3 weeks, we are making history again as Latina brides anywhere in the US can download the MP3 audio and also subscribe to it via I-tunes, and listen on "how-to" topics from A-Z for planning their wedding, the experts are Latinos from Coast to Coast.

What is Bodas USA’s the circulation and distribution strategy?

The circulation is 30,000 and will be ABC audited in 2009.The frequency at the moment is planned to be twice a year June and December. The distribution strategy is to solidify the magazine's presence in major Hispanic markets via presence in high traffic newsstands, reach smaller market consumers and build awareness via online digital magazine. Key Bridal shows will also be utilized to build awareness and subscription base of the magazine.

What CPM do you charge to national advertisers?

National Full page 4-color CPM:           $100 gross
Local Full page 4-color CPM:               $85 net 

Do you have a figure for the size ($ volume) of the U.S. wedding/ products/services category market?

According to The Wedding Report the following is the estimated consumer spending and the market value:

These statistics are based on the estimated number of weddings for 2008 which is 2,308,674

The estimated consumer spending for weddings in 2008 is $29,780 with a corresponding $68,752,311,720 market value

The consumer spending details of The Wedding Report indicate that brides and grooms spend more in the following products and services category:

National Average Spending:

Wedding Dress                         $1,617 
Centerpieces and decorations    $1,367
Engagement ring                      $5,759
Photographers                          $2,454
Reception food services            $10,125
Wedding cake                          $584
Honeymoon                             $3,995
Hair and makeup                      $197

How big is the U.S. Hispanic wedding products/services category market?

According to The Wedding Report Hispanic represented 14% of the total wedding that took place in the US in 2007; that is more than a third of a million.

It is difficult to track Hispanic spending within the wedding industry because of the segmentation of the industry and the many small vendors aside from the big vendors that make up the industry, however in California where Hispanics represent a large percentage of the total population the average spending for weddings is higher than the national average.

California average spending higher than national average:

Wedding dress                         $1,934
Centerpiece and decorations     $1,634
Engagement ring                      $6,887
Photographers                          $2934
Reception food service             $12,107
Wedding cake                          $698
Honeymoon                             $4,729
Hair and makeup                      $235

Our publication relies on statistics, interviews and research done by in-house as well as other research firms to target the cities in the US where there is a larger percentage of Hispanic weddings taking place.

By mid 2008, we also plan to partner with major wedding industry research firms to conduct surveys nationwide to gather statistics that are specific to tracking Hispanic consumer spending by category and product.

The average Hispanic couple featured on our premiere issue spent a minimum of $20,000 and a maximum of over $100,000 in their wedding, not including honeymoon.

What CPMs do you charge national advertisers? What CPMs do you charge local advertisers?

National Full page 4-color CPM:                       $100 gross
Local Full page 4-color CPM:                           $85 net

I see there is an ad by (J&J), do you have an alliance with them or are they advertisers?

The realization of the magazine has been a long process.  The ad you saw is a result of a long standing business relationship with the understanding the client will support the magazine in future editions.

On the other hand, we have a national advertiser who was excited to publicize their products via the first Spanish-bridal magazine in the United States and to accomplish with the ad placement their goal at reaching this important consumer. This same advertiser has expressed an interest in doing cross-promotions in 10 major Hispanic markets with our magazine in 2008.

What are the main categories of advertisers you are targeting?

Baking and Catering
Travel and leisure
Beauty and Personal Care

Do you plan to do events? 

a)      To coincide with the launch of the premiere issue Winter/Spring 2008 edition, we are going to partner with 20 vendors, 6 of them national brands to sponsor “La Boda de Tus Sueños” giveaway to a bride and groom to be via a major television network or radio station in Southern California. The winner will be announced this coming Valentine’s Day 2008.

b)      Video and TV Segments:

Branding the magazine is key to the success of the magazine. We are ready to launch our video segments via YouTube and are excited to be doing the tapings of the vignettes in bridal shows and on site major vendor locations. In the coming months we will make available our series of vignettes in Spanish on “how to” prepare and plan your wedding to Hispanic networks nationwide. 

c)      Sponsor Bridal Expo and Shows nationwide:

We are sponsoring ExpoBoda 2008 in Tijuana Baja California Mexico, this coming February and September 2008, it is the event of the year for San Diego and Tijuana wedding vendors and we are proud to have being invited to participate as a magazine sponsor.

d)      Contest:

Throughout the year we will partner with major national advertisers from the beauty industry and retail stores to promote and give away their products and gift certificates to brides-to-be while we also showcase the publication in major Hispanic markets and top DMA’s.


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