Beginning this August, Hispanic Trends, published by Hispanic Publishing Corporation of Coral Gables, Fla., will become a monthly, rather than quarterly publication (Hispanic Trends will be published 10 times next year). Thanks to the increased interest of advertisers (mostly financial, but also retail and auto), the magazine has not only increased frequency, but also circulation, which recently went from 50,000 to 75,000. Hispanic Trends continues to be distributed primarily through the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “There are many Chamber members who do not get our publication yet,” Sam Verdeja, CEO of Hispanic Publishing Corporation, tells Portadatm. Hispanic Trends provides “how-to” content for start up entrepreneurs and small to medium sized Hispanic owned companies. Hispanic magazine, Hispanic Publishing Corporation's other title, was recently redesigned to make the pub more modern and reader-friendly. According to Verdeja, Hispanic Publishing Corporation is looking for ways to expand in the women's magazine sector. “We can either start a new magazine or acquire an existing one,” says Verdeja. “The new title will have to be a good fit with our target audience, which is mostly professional and English-dominant.”


Portada Staff

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