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Heineken’s Copa Tecate Soccer Tournament Heats Up

Biggest amateur soccer tournament makes its rounds.


Seeking to capitalize on the soccer fervor stirred up by this year's World Cup, Heineken's grassroots marketing initiative, Copa Tecate, is making its rounds and narrowing down to the semi-finals.

Copa Tecate, now in its sixth year, stands as the largest amateur soccer tournament in the states. Last year's Copa saw more than 45,000 players participating in 22 cities across the country. It was witnessed by more than two million people who attended the games and were exposed to the product.

Event marketing firm Latino Sports Marketing is heading up publicity efforts and is including appearances by famed soccer players such as Manuel Negrete, Aldolfo Rios, and Claudio Suarez, among others.

Grupo Gallegos is looking after some print advertising initiatives to promote the event and drive people to come and participate in it. They are currently negotiating various local print advertising efforts with Spanish-language papers in the markets where Copa Tecate will be appearing, including the Sacramento, Chicago, and Dallas/Houston markets. As these arrangements have not yet been settled, Grupo Gallegos declined to name what publications they will be running in.

Last year, Copa Tecate ran more than 300 placements on print, radio, online and television in both English and Spanish-language media for the 2005 Copa Tecate.

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