General Mills Launches Coupon-heavy Custom Pub

Consumer Packaged Goods Company General Mills' new custom publication Que Vida Rica (circ. 2 million, two different editions: direct-mail edition is all Spanish, and retail version is bilingual, 3 times a year) will contain many coupons for General Mills products. Coupons distributed within the new publication are to be redeemed to buy Yoplait, Progresso Soups, cereals, cookie dough as well as other categories where Hispanics show above-average consumption.

Most custom publications, including Que Vida Rica, are direct-mailed to consumer households and read by the person in charge of making financial decisions regarding the household, mostly women. Que Vida Rica mostly targets Hispanic women.

In general, marketers say that Hispanics are less likely to redeem coupons than the general U.S. population, mostly because less acculturated Hispanics tend to be less responsive. It is very difficult to get hard data on coupon redemption rates among Hispanics.

However, data obtained by Portada® from consumer packaged goods companies shows that in the northeastern United States, Hispanics have a coupon redemption rate 25% higher than for the general market. In Southern California the redemption rate is 20% lower than for the general market. Differences in redemption rates could be related to differences in the educational levels of Hispanics in these regions.