Ethnic Print Media Group and Heineken Partner in Print Campaign

In what is a departure from traditional print advertising approaches, EPMG, the multi-cultural ad-agency, has facilitated a four-color wrap campaign with Hoy and Houston's Rumbo, to coincide with the March 3rd release of Heineken Premium Light. The advertisement was presented in vivid colors on the front covers of the newspapers.

The campaign focused on New York, Chicago, and Houston, and included street teams handing out copies of the papers. Between the retail, home-delivered, and street-team distribution, about 300 thousand copies were circulated.

In a statement released on March 20th, EPMG's VP of Sales and Marketing Trevor Hansen stated, “Hispanic newspapers and EPMG have taken great strides in offering clients impact ad dimensions that go beyond the traditional. This new breed of creative opportunity offers agencies and clients the ability to stretch their thinking of how newspapers can be involved in both the media planning process but also the full creative element.”

Four-color, full-page follow-up ads are planned to continue into April with La Opinion and Nuevo Herald.

At present, EPMG has no plans to run similar campaigns with other brands, although Hansen did not rule it out: “Now that the ground has been broken, it is quite possible that we will see more advertising opportunities such as this in the future. This is truly an exciting new development in how print is used to bring the message straight to consumers.”