According to a study by the Urban Institute, Arkansas' Hispanic community was the fastest-growing in the country from 2000-05, shooting up by 48%. Arkansas was home to an estimated 130, 846 Hispanics in 2006, up 558.3% from the 19, 876 living in the state in 1990, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Arkansas Hispanics have an estimated spending power of $2.3 billion according to the Selig Center for Economic Growth. Hola Arkansas is a fully-bilingual paper, publishing 15,000 issues on a bi-weekly basis.

For national news and last-minute state news the paper shares stories and the content with its television partner KTHV Channel-11, the CBS affiliate for Arkansas.

Hola Arkansas is active in event advertising: “Our goal is to bring value to the investment of our clients while serving our community,” says Publisher Maura Lozano-Yancy. “We sponsor over 20 events per year; many of them are our signature events.”

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