Boardroom is planning to increase the publication of Spanish-language health books dealing with issues relevant to the Hispanic community.

Boardroom, as Bottom Line Publications, started to translate health books into Spanish in the Fall of 2006.  It also started to offer Spanish-package insert programs into health books called Bottom Line's Spanish Book Buyer Packages.  The Bottom Line Personal packages reach Spanish consumers who have bought Boardroom's, The Treasury of Health Secrets, covering everyday remedies, health secrets, herbal solutions, stress, weight & fitness. “They accept a maximum of 3 inserts that ride with the book shipments. Maximum size of the inserts are: 5 1/4 x 8 ¼,” says Arlene Rosen, president of ARA Media Solutions, Inc. a company that has been placing Inserts in Spanish Media since 2004.

Boardroom Inc., a  book  and newsletter publishing company,  was founded in 1972 by Martin Edelston, who currently serves as the company's chairman. The company, as Bottom Line Publications, publishes the following newsletters:

           Bottom Line/Personal

           Bottom Line/Health

           Bottom Line/Retirement

           Bottom Line/Natural Healing

           Tax Hotline

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