Against all odds, Hispanic Print Ad revenues increase

Spanish-language media was the big exception in the Q2 2013 Kantar advertising expenditures figures, being the only media that substantially grew compared to the same period  of 2012. Interestingly the Kantar figures also included a 1.4% increase in Spanish-language newspaper advertising. Hispanic newspapers continue to distance themselves from the general market newspaper malaise, partly because of their distinct feature of community newspapers, a category that is also doing relatively well among general market newspapers. Below some comments of players in the media buying community about the current advertising scenario.

Circulation declines are not frequent at Hispanic newspapers (Read here about 4 Hispanic newspapers that  recently actually increased their circulation.) Most of these newspapers are available for free: In other words, their publishers need to clearly expect that an increase in advertising revenues will finance the circulation increase. Are advertising volumes currently increasing? This is what two members of the media buying community have to say.

Oury Tamboura, print strategist at Horizon Media in Los Angeles, where she buys print media (newspapers and magazines)  for brands including Crown Imports and Telemundo tells Portada that she has seen a pickup of ad dollars in general ” especially for my entertainment and beer accounts.” Tamboura adds that for Telemundo, we executed a print campaign La VozNinos in book with a social extension on twitter to incite readers to tune in on premiere week. The idea was to have an integrated campaign and extend our reach beyond the pages of the magazine.”

Digital component increasing

As the example of Tamboura’s Telemundo buy shows, adding a digital component to the traditional print buy is increasingly important. Trevor Hansen, CEO of EPMG360, tells Portada that his company recently did an integrated print and digital campaign for Wells Fargo: “Wells Fargo did an integrated campaign that included full-page full color print ads, and display and rich media digital ads. While the budgets and planning were separate the execution/creative messaging was all aligned.” EPMG recently introduced a unit called EPMG Latino (also called Lionheart Digital) that aggregates traffic of more than 20 of the top Hispanic newspaper websites. Hansen notes that the network has a monthly traffic of between 1.5 and 2.2 million unique users (depending on the month), with 10% to 15% of them connecting to  the sites from a mobile device.