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Telecommunications company BellSouth announced late in January that it is rolling out a new advertising campaign directed at increasing its Hispanic customer base. The campaign emphasizes the advantages of bundling various services such as local, long distance, Cingular Wireless, high-speed Internet and digital television service from BellSouth The underlying theme of the integrated print and broadcast ads is “How far would you go to get some extra money?” In the print ad, it shows an intimidating German Shephard standing guard over a single dollar bill. The ad then reads, “You needn't take the risk when you can simply combine new communication and entertainment services with BellSouth and save hundreds of dollars per year.”

The campaign, developed by Bromley Communications will concentrate TV, radio, and print in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. Other media will run across BellSouth's nine-state service area.

Said William Pate, Chief Marketing Officer for BellSouth, “The Hispanic market in the Southeast represents a major area of growth for BellSouth, and we are dedicated to communicating with this important customer base in a culturally relevant manner."

The BellSouth Answers® campaign focuses on two critical aspects of the service bundle: the convenience of having one-stop shopping for all of one's telecommunications needs and the low cost of service bundles.

In addition, the company has partnered with Visa to offer gift cards of up to $200 to those who participate in the program.


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