CNN en Español’s SVP Cynthia Hudson Shares Plans to Address Growing Hispanic Audiences

What: Portada and CNN en Español joined forces at the first Thought Leadership Breakfast for the Multicultural Markets in New York. We asked Cynthia Hudson, SVP and General Manager of CNN en Español and Hispanic Strategy for CNN/U.S., about CNN en Español’s goals for this year, and how their recent agreement with Nielsen will help achieve those goals.
Why it matters: CNN en Español, the sole 24-hour Spanish-language news network in the U.S., will have access to Nielsen’s Hispanic demographic data, which will help CNN reach Hispanic audiences more effectively.

As part of this year’s upfront season, Portada partnered with CNN en español in order to organize a series of three thought leadership breakfasts for the multicultural markets, the first of which took place this week in New York City. With CNNEE’s Fernando del Rincón and Xavier Serbia as moderators, Moët Hennessy’s Manny González, GroupM’s Nelson Piñeiro, and Horizon’s Alex Minicucci discussed topics related to reaching the Hispanic consumer, such as sports and the relevance of soccer and the World Cup as a good opportunity to do so. In the context of this breakfast, Portada had the opportunity to meet with Cynthia Hudson, SVP and General Manager of CNN en Español, and ask about her perspective on the connection with U.S. Hispanics. In view of the recent agreement with Nielsen to provide daily national television measurement, Hudson discussed with us what this will mean for the future of CNN en español.

Portada: In your experience, how has the Hispanic landscape evolved in the last years? What has been CNN en Español’s role in this evolution?

Cynthia Hudson: “Clearly the Hispanic population has continued to grow in size, economic power, and influence. Regardless of the current social climate in the U.S., Latinos continue to contribute and are a driving force of U.S. growth. We continue to see our audiences turning to us for more in-depth coverage, for our broader international coverage and as a key source of thought leadership in the U.S. market and as a primary source of Latino news.”

Portada: How is CNN en Español planning to address its audience more effectively?

CNNE-PORTADA Upfront Breakfast at The Lambs Club April 10, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Donald Bowers)

C.H.: “We have a separate feed with unique content just for the U.S. Hispanic Market and due to the fact that our content is current and original we are able to customize for our audiences and advertisers in the U.S. We are engaging on all platforms with the highly mobile and tech-savvy Latino audiences, and it shows in our domination of Spanish-language news in this market.”

Portada: How will the Nielsen ratings help CNN en Español?

C.H.: “We are so excited to be able to work with Nielsen in showing our clients the value of investing with CNN en Español to reach influential Hispanic leaders and our unique and highly-coveted Hispanic Demos.”

Portada: What new segments are you expecting to reach through Nielsen’s data?

C.H.: “We hope to expand the portfolio of advertisers who needed the back up of Nielsen ratings to partner with us on our TV channel and show that our reach on our multiple platforms (digital, social and radio) is a great way to reach Latino audiences.”

Portada: What are CNN’s challenges when addressing Hispanic decision-makers?

C.H.: “We know that in some markets the TV channel is in the Spanish cable packages and that can be challenging. But, our audience is a loyal, highly engaged and desirable consumer and we hope to show that to advertisers.”


Portada and CNN en Español have partnered for the Thought Leadership Breakfasts for the Multicultural Market Series in New York, Miami and Los Angeles:
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If you wish to attend any of these breakfasts and are a media buying executive at an agency or a client-side brand marketing executive, please contact Andrea Arizmendi.