Recently funded  NuvoTV just signed a deal with actress-singer Jennifer Lopez to  put her cross-cultural appeal to use oat  the English-language cable network aimed at Latino viewers.

Lopez, 43, and her Nuyorican Productions will contribute programming, work on strategy and assist in marketing the eight- year-old channel, she said an interview. In exchange, she will receive a minority stake, according to an e-mailed statement that didn’t disclose other financial terms.

“I’m going to be a creative executive and part owner who will be very involved with every aspect of the network,” Lopez said. “Development, production, marketing, I’ll be involved on every side of it so we hit all the right points”, Lopez told Bloomberg News.

NuvoTV said last month it raised $40 million from current investors Columbia Capital LLC and Rho Capital Partners Inc. and new investors Veronis Suhler Stevenson LLC and Tennenbaum Capital Partners LLC.


Portada Staff

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