Cesar Angulo Appointed Director New Business Development at WORLDCOM OOH

WORLDCOM OOH has appointed Cesar Angulo as its New Business Development Director in the U.S.  Angulo is based in WORLDCOM OOH’s Miami office and is responsible for leading growth and expansion in the U.S. and globally. OOH Media Buying is coming back strongly after a pandemic-induced decline in 2020. Portada talked to Angulo about opportunities and challenges ahead for WORLDCOM OOH and the Out of Home Media sector overall.

Out of Home Media Buying
Cesar Angulo, Director New Business, WORLDCOM OOH

According to Angulo, Worldcom OOH is the ideal partner for comprehensive Out Of Home advertising solutions, with a global, national, regional and local presence.  With 20 offices strategically distributed in 18 countries, WorldCom OOH helps its clients with holistic OOH (out of home) executions, “because we work and partner with all OOH vendors around the world including Outfront, Clear Channel Outdoor, Lamar, JC Decaux, among others. “WORLDCOM OOH is a single point of contact for all OOH needs in any world market and in all OOH formats: Outdoor, Indoor, Digital LED, Transit, Mobile and Movie Theater,” Angulo adds.

The U.S. is a key market for WORLDCOM OOH.  To Angulo, who has more than 27 years of senior experience in companies including The Chicago Tribune, Univision, NBC / Universal, Interpublic Group and Havas Media Group,  WORLDCOM OOHs global presence is a unique advantage particularly for U.S. based clients.
“Having the most advanced tools and local teams in each market enables us to offer unique competitive advantages to all our clients. This also happens in the United States where we have been working for more than 10 years on behalf of international brands, and now also domestically where we have a lot of value to add,” Angulo adds.
WORLDCOM OOH serves direct clients and media agencies of all sizes.  “Regardless of size, all of them recognize our deep OOH expertise, differentiated services and the economies of scale realized by the sheer volume of our business,” he asserts. “We are the only company in the world capable of executing campaigns at a global level with the quality standards that we do, standardized information, planning methods and the highest technology in each phase of the business,” Angulo claims.

We are the ideal partner for all OOH formats worldwide. Including  Outdoor, Indoor, Digital LED, Transit, Mobile and Movie Theaters.

OOH Media Buying:  Role in the Media Mix

According to Angulo, “OOH plays a very important role because it is present in our daily lives in a significant way from the moment we leave our homes. On the streets, in shopping centers, airports, mass transit, cinemas, and even on our cell phones. And if we take into account that we spend 70% of our time away from home, we can see the impact that OOH has in our lives.” Regarding the role of OOH Media in the advertising media mix, he notes that “OOH is an outstanding and effective complement for “off” or traditional media, like TV, Radio, Print,  as well as for “on” media, e.g. online, and social media platforms. OOH Media generates an immediate WOW factor in a similar way traditional media does.  And as a complement to “on” media, it generates attention while pointing to one media channel.  Online advertising needs Out-of-Home Media advertising to trigger consumption towards it, just the way Walmart does it.”

Online advertising needs Out-of-Home advertising to trigger consumption towards it, just the way Walmart does it. 

Is OOH Media Buying Done Programmatically?

A question that is often asked by industry professionals is whether Out of Home Media can be be bought programmatically. According to Angulo, to answer this question It is very important to define what programmatic means in OOH. “If under programmatic we imagine buying media on the internet, the answer is definitely no. For three reasons: Limited inventory, connectivity and commercial policies (site rental agreements, public tenders, etc.).”

However, Angulo notes that having made the above clarification it is important to state  that WORLDCOM OOH  can and does execute DOOH campaigns wherever they are possible. Digital OOH media buying has multiple advantages like audience segmentation,  date of ad delivery, products, context, priced according to schedules and geographical coverage. “Additionally, executing only what we need allows us to optimize the investment,” Angulo adds.

Technological Innovations in DOOH

Digital OOH (DOOH) is strongly rooted in state-of-the-art marketing technologies.  “Our company is completely rooted in technology,” Angulo notes. As examples of technological innovations, he cites the most advanced CRM developed for the Industry and WORLDCOM OOH’S out-of-home media planning module which includes data from audiences around the world, including affinity with the target.  Artificial Intelligence is another technological component, as the media planning module learns from past campaigns both of the advertiser and its competitors.

The heart of WORLDCOM OOH’S operation is made up of two unique tools, Angulo mantains.  They are called  CPI and Checking Online: “CPI, the Production and Installation Chart,  is where every client or member of our company can follow the campaign’s activation process in real-time wherever they are.  And Checking Online, is where every client or member of our company can verify the execution of campaigns wherever they are in the world.”