New Portada Insights Report: Innovative Approaches to Property and Media Rights Evaluation

Portada Insights Reports are tools that help navigate different disciplines of marketing for both brand marketers and marketing service suppliers. Portada’s new report, ‘Innovative Approaches to Property and Media Rights Evaluation’, sheds light on how brand marketers can better evaluate and implement sponsorships and partnerships. 


Even though most brands know the value of a good sponsorship, most companies struggle to align their partnerships with the brand’s objectives. Negotiations tend to be complicated, and success measurement a great deal more so. In spite of this, sponsorships spending has increased steadily in the latest years. Brands everywhere partner up with all sorts of properties, from sports and entertainment to arts and social causes, but it’s still a challenge to truly measure ROI and know where the value is.

Portada is thrilled to announce its newest insights report titled Innovative Approaches to Property and Media Rights Evaluation’, which offers a fresh perspective into sponsorship evaluation and gathers insights from Portada’s Council System of Brand Marketers.

The report includes:

  • Data showing growth of sponsorships per property in North America
  • Data showing the challenge of ROI measurement
  • Challenges and opportunities as seen by brand marketers
  • Practical examples and lessons learned
  • Solution approaches

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