Portada Introduces Year-Round Knowledge-Sharing and Networking Platform for Brand Marketers and Marketing Services Providers  

Portada will host four major events and several Happy Hour & Council Content Choices in 2020 to spur networking and knowledge-sharing in a wide array of brand marketing disciplines.  Brand Marketers and Marketing Services Providers who are Portada Council System members will be voting for key speaking topics at Portada events.  Additionally, Portada will host 12 virtual events involving each of the six units of the Portada Council System. 

Portada is thrilled to announce its expanded year-round knowledge-sharing and networking platform for brand marketers, which will include 4 major events, 12 virtual events and 4 Happy Hours & Council Content Choices providing year-round marketing services buyer facing networking and thought leadership opportunities.

 “We are also making important innovative changes to the dynamics of our Council System. In 2020, brand marketers, and best-of-breed marketing service providers will be directly involved in the Portada events topic selection process as part of their activities as members of the six different units of the Council System: Americas Board, Agency Star Committee, Brand Star Committee, Brand Star Committee Latam, Sports Marketing Board, or Travel Marketing Board,” says  Janet Grynberg, Lead Editorial Coordinator at Portada.

Brand Marketers and Marketing Service Providers: Together Four Times a Year

The topic selection process has already started. At their second 2019 in-person meeting at Portada New York, the first-rate brand and agency decision-makers who are members of Portada’s Council System selected the most relevant topics from a list of imminent issues and challenges facing the marketing & media industry today. These topics will be announced soon and will provide a complete picture of what’s in the mind of marketers for 2020.

On November 14, these executives will gather in a special function presented by Digo Hispanic Media, the Happy Hour & Council Content Choice , where three units of Portada’s Council System (Brand Star Committee, Agency Star Committee, and Sports Marketing Board), will vote for the topics to be discussed at the three Portada Los Angeles speaking slots on April 2, 2020.

The four 2020 In-Person Portada Events will take place as follows


Portada Los Angeles, April 2, 2020

Portada Miami, June 4, 2020

Portada New York, September 24, 2020

Portada Mexico, October 29, 2020



If you are a brand marketer and would like to join the Portada Council System, please provide contact information.

If you are a marketing service provider and would like to join the Portada Council System, please provide your contact information here.

Hear it from Brand Marketers

“I think it’s a great thing that Portada has put together, it’s given me a chance to really interact with some folks that I’ve known in the industry but maybe we hadn’t gotten together, so it’s been very engaging for me,” said Dan Keats, Director Consumer Marketing-Sponsorships at Allstate Insurance at a previous Portada event.

“Through Portada, I have met new solution providers and we are already working with them,” commented Ariela Nerubay, CMO at Curacao.

“I love the way the Portada is continuously disrupting itself in order to make the experience very valuable for its members,”  John Sandoval, Senior Brand and Latino Marketing Manager at Intuit shared during the VIP Council System dinner at Portada New York. 

See below the list of only a few of the Council System members that will be shaping the future of marketing at Portada events and special Happy Hour functions in 2020. 


Members of the Brand Star Committee at the Portada New York in-person meeting

Brand Marketing Executives to Attend Portada 2020 Events & Special Happy Hour Functions Include:


Vice President, Sponsorships, Wells Fargo    


Senior Manager, Advertising & Marketing, Multicultural, Kia Motors America


Head of US Sports Marketing, Anheuser-Busch InBev


 Vice President, Global Sponsorships, Head of Americas, SAP


Marketing Manager, Nestle USA


 Senior Brand and Latino Marketing Manager, Intuit


National Media Manager, JCPenney


National Director, Multicultural & Growth Markets, Realogy


 US Managing Director, CH Carolina Herrera


Digital Marketing Manager – SEM and SEO, Sprint


EVP I CMO, Curacao


Manager, California Endowment


Category Marketing Manager, GraceKennedy Ltd


Head of Marketing Activation & CRM, Conagra


Dozens of additional brand marketers will be announced by early 2020.