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Inside Turbotax’s Spanish-language Marketing for Live Full Service en Español

TurboTax, the software package for tax preparation produced by Intuit, recently launched TurboTax Live Full Service en Español. We talked to Alejandra Molinari, Senior PR Communications Manager, Latino, Investor & Self-Employed Media Strategy, about how she is marketing the new service.


Spanish-language marketing. TurboTax, the software package for tax preparation produced by Intuit, recently launched TurboTax Live Full Service en Español. We talked to Al

Erik Thomas, Director of Experiential Marketing at Hyundai, told us in a recent interview that bilingual marketing allows Hyundai to talk to each segment of the Hispanic population in the U.S. Intuit’s TurboTax is going one step further. It is conducting a mostly Spanish-language marketing campaign to promote it’s recently released TurboTax Live Full Service in Español.

Portada spoke to

Spanish-language marketing
Alejandra Molinari, Senior PR Communications Manager, Latino, Investor & Self-Employed Media Strategy, Intuit

Molinari says that she is very excited about the launch of TurboTax Live Full Service en Español: “we have been listening very carefully to the needs of the Latino community. Latinos have gone through many challenges and tough financial decisions over the last few years.” The launch of Turbo Tax Service en español is the result of a changing strategy and marketing narrative at TurboTax.  Traditionally positioned as a DYI product, this season’s TurboTax marketing emphasizes the service aspect, so  that taxpayers understand that TurboTax offers all solutions that taxpayers need. TurboTax’s recent Super Bowl ad encourages people to meet with a Turbo Tax expert to do their taxes in English and Spanish. “We are using the Superbowl moment to feel the joy and the freedom when someone takes care of their taxes,” Molinari asserts.

The latest Intuit financial statement indicates that the company serves more than 100 million customers. (TurboTax is a unit of Intuit). According to a recent tax trend report conducted by the brand, there are 16 million tax returns filed with TurboTax. It includes all types of taxpayers with different tax situations, from small business and self-employed to gig economy workers and people employed by other companies. According to the U.S. Census, Hispanic-owned businesses grew about 8.2%, from 346,836 in 2019 to 375,256 in 2020, and made up about 6.5% of all businesses in the United States in 2020.  A sizable amount of these customers in the U.S. is Spanish-dominant, particularly when it comes to small business owners.  It is safe to say that at least a quarter of Hispanic-owned businesses in the U.S. will embrace a Spanish-language tax service and software.

Spanish-language Marketing: Digital and Influencer

Digital and influencer marketing are the pillars of TurboTax Live Full Service en Español Spanish-language marketing, Molinari claims. “We are tapping into Meta, TikTok, and Google and partnering with Latino creators who share how they use Turbo Tax Live Full Service en Español. Our digital marketing strategy is very tied to influencer marketing. We are using influencers with different backgrounds, tax situations and personal stories”, says  Molinari. These influencers include Jay Mendoza, Jenny Lorenzo, Jenny Solares, Fernanda Romero and Abelardo Campusano.

Social media marketing and digital display ads in Spanish-language media are very tied to influencer marketing and content. “Digital display advertising will tend to have more performance-driven objectives,” says Molinari.
The new service is also being advertised on CTV and linear TV.

Spanish-language SEO

Content Marketing plays a vital role in TurboTax Spanish-language marketing as it has significant SEO implications. Molinari says that Spanish-language taxpayers need to know that bilingual experts are available at their fingertips.  “Turbotax has more than 1,000 bilingual tax articles on and its bilingual blog,” she notes. TurboTax has a comprehensive SEO strategy, both through an organic and paid strategy. Critical targeted keywords in Spanish include: “Preparacion de impuestos” o “preparation de taxes” “reembolso” “Dependientes”, “Creditos” “Fecha limited” and “ayuda en espanol” .
Turbotax’s SEO team follows search patterns in English and Spanish. “The volume tends to be smaller in Spanish as a big part of bilingual Hispanics and even of Spanish-dominant Hispanics are at least in part used to an-English-language terminology. But they will be more comfortable reading about it in Spanish, which is why they often land on an English-language page and then switch via the toggle functionality to Spanish,” Molinari asserts.

In addition to its in-house team, TurboTax works with the following agencies on its Spanish-language marketing: Hispanic PR agency Havas Formulatin, creative agency Weiden & Kennedy, digital media agency Camelot, and GOAT (Influencer marketing agency).


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