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How to Segment U.S. Hispanic Audiences for the Holiday Season

Audience segmentation offers endless possibilities for upgrading your digital marketing strategy. Here’s how you can achieve that this holiday season for your Hispanic community. 


Audience segmentation offers endless possibilities for upgrading your digital marketing strategy. Here’s how you can achieve that this holiday season for your Hispanic community.

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Holidays frequently have an emotional connotation, so associating your business with personalized messaging is often needed to connect to an audience. Compelling results won’t be a surprise if you invest in understanding your target market and speaking to their particular needs and desires.

Everyone wants to impress everybody, but satisfying every possible person can be exhausting. Audience segmentation is one of the most crucial marketing techniques available because it can assist a company in better comprehending its target market. To do this, you can examine the first-party data you already have about your clients and employ tools like AI for programmatic advertising. 

If you don’t know the right US Hispanic holiday audience to market to, your segments will land flat. To design a holiday campaign that converts across the board, start with personas, then think about them in the context of a particular holiday. Start specific, move out to the fringes, and then circle back to make sure the journey is complete and fulfilling.

It’s a delicate dance, but you can do it because there are tried, tested, and true avenues to create the right content for the right audiences. Just take that first step, find the persona, add a theme (such as Halloween or Christmas), and start creating. 

Imagine You’re Sitting Next to Them

During the holidays, customer behavior frequently varies, and you often promote to an audience other than your typical clientele.  In the US Hispanic market, there are ten well-known holiday buyer personas created by Digo that brands can use to boost their digital strategies. You can gain access to these as a basis for your next marketing move when addressing your immediate target market. Use the following five buyer personas in the US Hispanic market to improve your business’ holiday marketing campaigns by putting yourself in their shoes and thinking about what they would enjoy doing for the holidays. 

  • The Plastics – This audience is made up of frequent credit card users who enjoy the benefits of doing so. The US Hispanic market comprises approximately 2.8 million such users. 
  • The Feast’s Masters – Even if they aren’t Bobby Flay, they adore baking and cooking over the holidays. There are about 11.4 million such users in the US Hispanic market.
  • The Doorbusters – About 2.8 million of these Hispanic consumers in the US are adept at locating the finest holiday discounts. They are wise consumers who know where to go for the best discounts.
  • The Home Improvers – They make up approximately 15.5 million US Hispanic customers and pay attention to every last detail to make their homes the ideal places to be over the holidays.
  • The ‘New Year, New Me’ Peeps – Around 12.4 million US Hispanic customers set their first priority to become active and healthy, and they already have very specific goals for the new year. They are looking for novel weight-loss strategies through diets, fitness programs, and gyms. 

Through Digo Audience Marketplace, a platform of premium cookieless audience segments, you may access these audiences and modify them to suit your business requirements. You can gain access to your own first-party data and manage, enrich, analyze, and use it across many platforms and devices, which will enhance your targeting abilities and insights.

Blending Audiences in Exciting Ways

Using efficient holiday audiences enables advertisers, agencies, media experts,  and publishers to future-proof their businesses for the cookieless world. But there is a forever need to search for unique insights about the audiences you plan to reach.

Audience segmentation
Hernán Zungri, Senior VP of Sales & Ops at Digo.

The ten holiday audiences created by Digo experts fulfill this criterion as addressed by the Senior VP of Sales & Ops at Digo, Hernán Zungri:

“These audiences were created by overlaying our first-party data with many other segments available in Lotame’s Data Exchange (our strategic partner). This allows the unique combination of audiences that perform in a seamless way to be particularly close to Hispanic Audiences. Being one of the top players in the industry enhances our offering of audience segments that can only be provided by Digo.” 

Zoom Out to See the Individual Within Their Community

You should concentrate on increasing your internet presence and standing out during the holiday rush when it matters the most. People love to share the things they read, watch, and listen to with their friends and family. It is a good idea to make an effort to connect with them while they are connecting with so many others during the holidays.

There is nothing more worthy of investment than quality creatives for your audience to hook them in. To make this process smoother, there are solutions like Blink that use cutting-edge technology to maximize the performance of your creatives. High-impact adverts can work like a charm to keep your target audience engaged while encouraging them to share your videos with their connected peers.

Everyone wants to feel a part of a community, especially during the holidays. Making connections is key. But you don’t need to walk this path alone.

Partnering with an exceptional team can elevate how you engage with your audiences. By working with experienced data insights, you can reduce stress and make sure that your entire organization has access to the analytics it needs to get started quickly and surely as requirements evolve.

Partner With Experts

It’s difficult enough to stay current on emerging technologies and industry best practices. Partnering with an outside data team, such as Digo, provides access to the most recent trends, programs, and analytical techniques to guarantee your organization stays ahead of the game in terms of what is feasible in the world of data analytics.

Experts at Digo can leverage the available audiences for agencies and advertisers and take their digital campaigns to the next level.

“Digo masters the operation of the Google Marketing Platform (GMP), and the execution of these segments combined with the power of Google’s DSP will deliver results surpassing any KPI that the advertiser might have planned. Adtech is overwhelming, and you might ask if your stack election is the right one for your needs. Our secret sauce is to keep it simple yet effective. We partner with companies that are best in the market, so our advertisers can benefit from our alliances.” – Hernán Zungri.


Advertisers face a complex and interconnected set of issues as a result of rising economic pressure on businesses of all kinds as well as consumers. Evolving data laws and regulations and rapidly shifting public opinion surrounding consumer privacy and online marketing further add to the challenge. Amidst the chaos, finding the right US Hispanic audience can be harder than ever. However, with the right strategies and support, it’s not only possible, but you’re going to enjoy it!

There are already available solutions that may assist you in upholding user privacy, making the most of your budgets, and achieving increased performance—all while remaining flexible enough to respond to any future changes in the market.

Interested in future-proofing your business? With Digo Audience Marketplace, you’ll be prepared for a cookieless world and plan your campaigns so that the only option is to succeed and become a part of the first-party data movement.

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