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Digo’s Leadership on the Unique Benefits for Brands of Owned and Operated Media

Digo executives Augusto Romano and Hernan Zungri discuss the unique power of owned and operated media for advertisers.


In the age of ad-tech black boxes, fake news, non-human traffic, and AI-generated content, the representation of owned and operated media publishers that have been beacons of journalistic integrity for decades, almost centuries, can be a distinctive advantage. This is the case of publishers owned and operated by Digo Hispanic media, which includes El Nuevo Día and Primera Hora from Puerto Rico, as well as Listín Diario and Periódico Hoy from the Dominican Republic, among others.  “Digo holds an advantageous position as an audience network comprising owned & operated and exclusive sites, as well as affiliates that contribute to our mission of delivering premium inventory to advertisers,” Digo’s CEO, Augusto Romano, tells Portada. “Our deep-rooted connections and active participation within the publishing industry enable us to mobilize the support of every publisher in our network effortlessly. This seamless collaboration creates opportunities that elevate engagement and redefine brand positioning with remarkable effectiveness,” Romano adds.

Owned and Operated Media: Digo’s CEO and VP on the Unique Advantages for Brands…

Owned and Operated Media
Augusto Romano, CEO, Digo

Digo is uniquely positioned to address advertisers’ needs in a highly competitive advertising market because it manages owned and operated media publishers. SVP of Sales & Operations, Hernán Zungri, says that Digo’s direct and frequent relationships with publishers—whether they are owned and operated (O&Os), exclusive, or affiliates—”empower us to tailor inventory delivery to meet specific KPIs seamlessly. “In practical terms, this means we possess the flexibility to handpick the inventory that aligns perfectly with our client’s goals rather than being constrained to working with surplus stock. Furthermore, we can enhance our owned and operated media capabilities by leveraging first-party and third-party data through our DMP to optimize and maximize objectives. This ability to curate and adapt, where we oversee the code on our sites to uphold addressability throughout our inventory, guarantees the consistent delivery of our promised value to clients.”  Owned and operated media and exclusively represented digital publishers allow the potential delivery of up to 1.5 billion monthly impressions, enabling brands to gain real value while preserving campaign integrity.

“The ability to curate and adapt, where we oversee the code on our sites to uphold addressability throughout our inventory, guarantees the consistent delivery of our promised value to clients.”

Owned and Operated Media
Hernan Zungri, SVP of Sales & Operations, Digo

Additionally, Digo is dedicated to enhancing its services to meet the evolving needs of advertisers.  “We are committed to supporting Spanish-speaking publishers with whom we collaborate, enabling them to expand their video inventory through proprietary platforms. We focus on aiding these publishers in developing new and effective monetization channels while providing advertisers with novel pathways to reach their desired Hispanic audience,” CEO Romano adds. “Buying ad space has various approaches, but with us, it’s more than rate cards and units – it’s about possibilities,” Romano continues. “We share a deep connection with over 150 Spanish-speaking publishers, standing by each other as indispensable allies in their digital transformation, providing vital sustainability for their businesses in the face of challenges for print media.”

“Through Digo, brands’ source campaigns meet the highest standards. The US Hispanic audience trusts the quality content these outlets offer. When you run a campaign with us, you go directly to the source – authentic and impactful.”

We share a deep connection with over 150 Spanish-speaking publishers, standing by each other as indispensable allies in their digital transformation, ability to curate and adapt.

Premium Publisher Standards

 An unwavering commitment to stringent standards to address advertisers’ requirements is critical to Digo’s approach: “Our distinctive approach involves setting high benchmarks in onboarding new publishers, guaranteeing brand safety, and creating an environment that caters effectively to each brand’s audience,” Zungri asserts. “Our dedication to premium quality establishes us as a reliable and standout choice for advertisers. We provide a vast and engaged Hispanic audience and secure brands’ reputations within an inventory of well-established publisher sites boasting a prominent history within their countries of origin”.  Zungry adds that Digo does not just talk about the concept of value,” We deliver it. Our strict premium publishers policy is the bedrock of our approach, allowing us to provide advertisers with a unique and invaluable proposition. Our dedication to exposing brands to a high-quality inventory is underpinned by the assurance that ad placements will be accurate and nestled within contextually relevant content. This precision extends to ensuring optimal viewability among a vast Hispanic audience, enriching the advertising experience for both brands and their target demographic.”

2024 Objectives: Secure Environments Through Premium Publishers

In 2024, Digo’s is committed to advancing critical objectives focused on its Hispanic audience network offering; Augusto Romano asserts:  “Having effectively curated advertising inventory from leading publishers in Latin America and Spain, we will intensify our focus on fostering strong alliances with advertisers seeking to engage the Hispanic audience through secure environments and premium publisher sites.” To Hernan Zungri, 2024, goals are twofold: “To consolidate and expand our advertiser base and our network of publishers. This expansion will help meet the growing demand for premium site services developed in recent years, ensuring continued excellence in reaching and resonating with the diverse Hispanic audience. “

A Political Year

The role of Hispanics in the critical November 2024 election makes credible owned and operated media publishers paramount for advertisers. Says Hernán Zungri: “From a political perspective, government agencies, institutions, and PACs find an optimal environment within our audience network to leverage content targeting Hispanics. Unlike local U.S. publishers, all our publishers remain neutral regarding U.S. politics. While they may have partisan orientations in their own countries, none openly align with the Democratic or Republican parties in the U.S. This neutrality gives us a distinct competitive advantage over local U.S. publishers.”

“Unlike local U.S. publishers, all our publishers remain neutral regarding U.S. politics.”

According to Romano, in this context, political brands can be served from a neutral environment, offering a solid strategy to engage with Hispanics who prefer Spanish content. This strategic approach allows for a nuanced and effective engagement strategy within an impartial and culturally attuned setting.” 

Regarding formats to target Hispanics in the upcoming election cycle, Romano notes that beyond conventional formats like display, video, or interactive content, Digo can leverage its direct relationships with publishers, incorporating advertorial content into the political advertiser’s communication strategy, which emerges as a powerful and impactful avenue. This approach can resonate strongly with voters, potentially tipping the balance in favor of a candidate. In essence, we provide a comprehensive toolkit that extends beyond traditional formats, allowing PACs to strategically navigate and influence the political landscape among the U.S. Hispanic audience.”

Hispanics: A Diverse Segment, Not a Monolith

How is Digo proactively adapting its strategies to ensure success in the dynamic digital marketing landscape targeted at the U.S. Hispanic audience? According to Zungri, in 2023, there was a “substantial downturn in digital media advertising, partly attributed to the pandemic’s conclusion, state subsidy cuts, and users returning to their daily routines. Looking ahead to the challenges in the Hispanic digital market for 2024 and beyond, one key challenge is the imperative for more brands to recognize US Hispanics as a diverse segment rather than a monolith, aligning their strategies and media plans accordingly. It goes beyond short-term efforts, necessitating a more profound understanding to resonate with Hispanics in a genuinely culturally relevant manner over time. This holistic approach encompasses language, media choices, actions, and advertisements, emphasizing a sustained and authentic connection rather than a seasonal one.”

Zungri highlights the vitality of the Hispanic audience: “Hispanics are thriving in every sector and demonstrating toned behaviors in contrast to other multicultural audiences and the general market. We are talking about a proliferating younger population, increasing HH income, super tech-savvy, mobile-first, and streaming consumers. In 2023, more than 74% of Hispanics reported streaming entertainment TV shows/movies on their smartphones vs 44% of non-Hispanics (Hispanic Market Report 2023, Claritas). Those trends are within the whole digital landscape. Brands must pay attention and be prepared for all the shifts in consumption habits. One of our newest innovations is our CTV advertising solution service, with up to 400 million monthly impressions where brands can engage with Hispanics as well as with our upcoming fast-channel, Digo TV.” 


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