Differentiation Opportunities, Digital Marketing, and How to Maximize Results on Mobile: Portada Miami 2020 Topics Announced

Portada Council System members have voted for the topics to be discussed at the three main speaking slots at Portada Miami on June 4, 2020. The topics have to do with organizing companies around digital marketing efforts, identifying brand differentiation opportunities in digital, and maximizing results on mobile. 


differentiation opportunities at portada miami 2020Last month, Portada announced the new structure of the four Portada events in 2020. Council System units oriented to United States markets chose the three main topics to be discussed at Portada Los Angeles on April 2. Now, we are pleased to announce that the brand marketers in Latin America-oriented Portada’s Council System have voted for the topics to be discussed at the three main speaking slots during Portada Miami on June 4, 2020.

“The brand marketers in our Council System play a crucial part in determining the topics of our events. By having these leading practitioners suggest and vote for the themes of the three main speaking slots, we make sure that brand marketing, tech and media executives get the most relevant content available in the marketplace,” says Marcos Baer, president of Portada.

Below are the three winning topics as well as comments from Portada Council System members as to why these reflect their interests.

Portada Miami Keynote: To “win” in digital: how best to organize companies and marketing organizations

I’d like to have a better understanding about the way companies should be organized to face digital dynamics upon consumer evolution.

Digital is very wide and companies need to focus their investment in order to have a positive ROI and win in digital.

The role of CRM’s: It’s critical to understand how CRM programs / smart data can help to bring and maintain more users for the brands.

Consumer Insight Highlight Speaking Slot: Which digital efforts can truly add value and differentiation opportunities for your product/brand?

differentiation opportunities at portada miami 2020

I believe to find differentiation opportunities we have a strong need to accelerate our knowledge about what is gaining relevance (in the digital era) from a consumer standpoint and the way the brands need to connect within this new ecosystem.

What and how to invest means everything regarding investment in digital media.

Digital media is overwhelming: How can we identify correct use on the channels where customers appreciate it?


MarTech Solution Spotlight: Maximizing marketing efforts and results on mobile

Mobile is/will be the most important digital media asset and we have to make sure we optimize best practices.

Partnerships and alliances to maximize marketing efforts. Cross companies marketing trends customization, value of loyalty for CPG.

Mobile is 70% of user traffic today. Users are growing the mobile market and companies are not adapting as fast. How can we identify, implement and foresee solutions.

Portada Events in 2020 will be a unique experience. First, the three different Council System bespoke workshops will take place in the morning. Also, brand marketers and best-of-breed marketing services suppliers will have 1:1 meetings and attend VIP networking functions. In addition, attendees will learn at four exclusive and highly-curated speaking slots on the themes outlined above, which were voted by the over 100 brand marketers in the Portada Council System.

More information about the structure of speaking slots at Portada events:

  • Keynote: 45-minute session. An overarching topic of paramount importance to the brand marketing community to be addressed by subject matter experts who provide innovative solutions.
  • Consumer Insight Highlight: 25-minute session. Consumer Engagement and sales conversion are the ultimate objectives for brand marketers. This session will provide key and fresh consumer insights that foster the understanding of consumers and provide actionable tips for marketers.
  • MarTech Solution Spotlight: 25-minute session. Technology plays a crucial role both for consumers as well as an enabler for marketers. During this session, a major brand marketing thought leader will reveal the latest trends on the use of technology by consumers and brands.
  • Partner Thought Leadership Presentation. An opportunity for a Portada partner to gain major exposure in front of a listening audience of major brand marketing executives.

For more information about getting involved with Portada Miami on June 4, 2020 please contact Sales Coordinator Leslie Zambrano, or click on the banner below.