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Voxxi launches a new site catering to acculturated Latinos

Emilio Sanchez (photo) is the CEO of the recently launched site Voxxi just launched to cater to the bicultural Hispanic community in English.


Emilio Sanchez  is the CEO of the recently launched site Voxxi  just launched to cater to the bicultural Hispanic community in English.

Voxxi obtained funding by angel investor, Dr. Salomon Melgen, a world-renowned and Harvard trained ophthalmologist, philanthropist and life-long advocate for empowering Latinos to achieve the American dream. “Dr. Melgen decided to invest in VOXXI because of his unwavering commitment to the Hispanic community,” Sanchez, until recently the U.S. Hispanic Managing Editor for Spanish-newswire agency Efe out of Miami, tells Portada.  “A second round of investment will be needed at the end of 2012,” he adds.  Voxxi’s revenue source is based on online advertising. According to Sanchez, “VOXXI offers an effective platform for advertisers to reach the acculturated U.S. Latino audience online.”

An increasing number of sites are targeting English-dominant Hispanics. This is the case of the one year old, but also of more niche oriented sites such such as and Voxxi’s Sanchez explains the demand of English-language content by Latinos when he says that “only 21 percent of Latinos online reach web sites and content in Spanish, according to recent market research. The rest prefer sites in English and content written in English. This is our niche and we are looking forward to meeting and exceeding the expectations of millions of Latinos that are looking for different content. We will provide high quality content written in English with a Latino touch and a Hispanic vision of the world. Beside that, the bilingual and bicultural Latino community think that they do not find enough quality content in Spanish. They are looking for different kind of stories.”

General U.S. audiences interested in Latinos Voxxi will also be a news site useful for the rest of the nation, the non-Hispanics,  to increase their knowledge about Latinos.”We think that the US media mainstream dos not reflect the interest of the Latinos because mainstream media tends to portray many of the same stereotypes during decades without a change,” Sanchez notes.

Multimedia Rollout Voxxi’s  goal is to use all kind of technological platforms to provide a quality content :in the form of  text, eye-catching photos, video, and audio. “We have started with the beta version for computers and we will then have available applications for smart phones, digital tablets and others,” Sanchez concludes.

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